Best Brake Pads for Dodge Ram 2500

Reliability of brake pads is the key to your safety and comfort in all conditions. You must be sure that the brakes in your car will not fail and will cope with the task assigned to them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Fortunately, there are a lot of good brake pads, which work impressively, in the market of spare parts from third parties. Some principles in the choice of pads will help you find the best brake pads for dodge ram 2500.

The ram 2500 ceramic brake pads are most commonly found among manufacturers’ offers, but they will not be pure ceramic pads, but an entire alloy with the addition of aerospace aluminum or carbon fiber. Such pads offer particular resistance to friction and corrosion. The alloy and materials used to make brake pads are probably the most important point in choosing any pad, including the best brake pads 2013 ram 2500.

Overheating and noise of the brake pads

It is also worth paying attention to how the block copes with the suppression of high temperatures from friction. The hot air drainage system is a key to reducing the temperature of the block and the time it is capable of operating. Some manufacturers make special grooves in the pad, which significantly helps to cope with overheating.

The level of noise suppression during braking is also an important issue. The material from which the special gasket is made plays a significant role in suppressing noise and creaking during braking. Most often, a special rubberized coating shows high noise-canceling efficiency. Pay attention to the layers of this coating. The more of them, the better.

Last but not least, you should choose your pads based on their design and color. Of course, it’s fun to install some bright or unusual pads on the car, but initially you need to make sure of the effectiveness and reliability of their functioning. If they are designed for heavy loads and can last a long period, then only then should you buy colored brake pads.

List of Top-Rated Brake Pads for Dodge Ram 2500

PhotoProductPad typeYearsDetails
Bosch BP1399 Bosch BP1399Rear2009-2010View on Amazon
Wagner ThermoQuiet QC965 Wagner ThermoQuiet QC965Front2003-2008View on Amazon
Power Stop Z36-965 Power Stop Z36-965Front2003-2008View on Amazon
EBC Brakes DP41650R EBC Brakes DP41650RFront2003-2008View on Amazon
Callahan Brake Parts CRK11758 Callahan Brake Parts CRK11758Front1994-1999View on Amazon
American Black ABD459M American Black ABD459MFront1994-1999View on Amazon
Bosch BC965 Bosch BC965Rear2003-2008View on Amazon
Bosch BP1096 Bosch BP1096Rear2001-2008View on Amazon
Hawk Performance HB299P.650 Hawk Performance HB299P.650Front
2000-2008View on Amazon

Reviews of the Best Brake Pads for Dodge Ram 2500

Bosch BP1399

Bosch BP1399
RProtective LayerYes
Quiet Cast DesingYes
Rubber Core ShimYes (OE-Style)
Material for padsCeramic

Some of the highest quality brake pads on the market of third parties are the Bosch brand. These pads are made of aerospace aluminum alloy with ceramics. They have no copper in them, and they meet all international quality standards for such auto parts. The pad has several special coatings, which significantly extend the life of the product at the most intensive use. Also, they have excellent noise suppression properties.


  • special protective coating that extends the life of the product
  • high-quality rubber gasket that absorbs noise
  • complete set for full installation
  • designed for a wide range of Dodge Ram


  • aluminum alloy
  • synthetic lubricator is included in the box
  • weight: 4 pounds
  • rear brake pads
  • brand of the manufacturer: Bosch

These rear brake pads are made of high-quality materials using innovative technologies. They have increased wear resistance. The pads have reliable protective coatings and can be used on various Dodge cars. Versatility of the set allows using it not only for driving in city conditions. Such pads will reliably perform braking function on slopes and in high-speed conditions.

How much better are these brake pads than stock ones?

– It is hard to say, but these pads fully meet all factory requirements and are identical in shape and principle of operation. These brake pads last much longer than their factory counterparts.

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC965

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC965
Stopping Power15% more
Molded Insulator IMIYes
Spec technology 1Dynamic Noise Absorption
Spec technology 2Wagner OE21 Low-Copper Friction
Material for padsCeramic

The distinctive feature of these brake pads is a special design that minimizes the wear on the pads and uses a special coating that prevents them from heating up during heavy friction. A special system of heat removal with grooves is the advantage of this product. Not every brake pad is equipped with such a system.

Such a pad is a monolithic block due to a special production technology. The pads are very resistant to friction and vibration. They wear out quite slowly and can serve for a very long time.


  • special heat dissipation from friction heating
  • installation set included
  • monolithic structure
  • affordable price


  • weighing: almost 5 pounds
  • manufacturer: Wagner

If you have noticed that the brake pads on the car have already been erased, you should not delay with their replacement. These pads are perfect for those looking for the quietest brake pads that have good resistance to heat and vibration. They will never squeak or make any other noise during the braking process.

May I brake quickly after installing new brake pads?

– It is recommended to make about 30 stops at 50 40 kilometers per hour once reinstalled. This is necessary so that the pads can retard and stop the vehicle as efficiently as possible. Only then can you be sure of the maximum braking force.

Power Stop Z36-965

Power Stop Z36-965

These brake pads can be considered the best brakes for towing ram 2500. They are designed for quite aggressive use and have an outstanding braking force. The reinforced design allows even the most loaded vehicles to be stopped quickly. These are carbon fiber-based ceramic pads. They are light in weight and highly resistant to mechanical wear. Towing other vehicles may require a reinforced brake system, of which special brake pads are always a part.


  • carbon-ceramic formula
  • high degree of wheel cleanliness
  • reduce noise when braking
  • increased resistance to corrosion


  • well-designed system to resist overheating
  • tow pads
  • approximate weight: 6 pounds
  • manufacturer: Power Stop

These brake pads are designed for driving on hilly or mountainous terrain. They have increased braking power and can quickly stop the car even in the most emergency situation. If you often have to tow other vehicles, these pads are fully designed for this.

Power Stop Z36-965

How do I replace the brake pads myself in the garage?

– Manufacturers usually recommend professional installation in a car service station. You will be able to replace the pads yourself, if you know about cars and have done it before. If you do not have special equipment, it is recommended to contact a special service.

EBC Brakes DP41650R

EBC Brakes DP41650R

These EBC brake pads are some of the most expensive pads on the market. They feature a stylish design and increased friction for maximum effective braking. They are equally effective at both low and high temperatures. Pads work the same way both on the highway and on race tracks. They are often installed on heavy vehicles, as they easily cope with increased load.


  • pads create increased friction for a quick stop of the car
  • designed for aggressive driving even on a sports track
  • stylish appearance
  • effective coatings for noise absorption


  • color: yellow
  • weight: almost 7 pounds
  • manufacturer: EBC

Such brake pads are suitable for extreme driving enthusiasts or those who want to have the most reliable braking system, which looks unusual and attractive. They effectively counteract overheating and significantly reduce the noise that can occur during emergency braking.

On cars of what weight are these brake pads to be used?

– These pads are designed for use with cars that can weigh more than 2 tons. Always check with your dealer to see if the brake system matches your particular vehicle.

Callahan Brake Parts CRK11758

Callahan Brake Parts CRK11758

This set is suitable if you intend to replace all the brake pads on your car. They are highly effective when braking. Pads have a good resistance to overheating and no noise. The braking set is designed to fully replace stock rotors and pads. All parts are factory fitted and meet all safety requirements.


  • full brake set
  • efficient braking design that enhances heat loss
  • free shipping to some regions


  • 2 rotors and 4 brake pads included
  • suitable for a large range of cars
  • weight: 63 pounds
  • brand of the manufacturer: Callahan Brake Parts

By installing this set on your car, you significantly increase the level of safety even in the most extreme driving conditions. Specially designed rotors together with pads create silent and smooth braking. They also resist heavy pollution. This makes the wheels always look pretty clean.

Is it possible to perform dodge ram 2500 brake pad replacement with this set?

– This set is suitable for replacement on Dodge ram 2500 cars from 1994 to 1999. At the same time it is worth to check the compatibility with your particular model with the seller. If they fit, you can quickly replace the factory pads with more efficient and reliable ones.

American Black ABD459M

American Black ABD459M

Despite the low cost of the pads, they are of very high quality and perform their work as efficiently as possible. Brake pads can be used even for extreme driving. So if you drive aggressively enough, this type of pads can be interesting. They are made of ceramic alloy, have several coatings and a smart system to reduce temperature and get rid of dust and dirt.


  • special slot for dust and dirt removal
  • affordable price
  • effectively deal with noise, vibration and creaks


  • material: semi-metallic ceramic
  • multilayer coating
  • set weight: 6 pounds
  • manufacturer: American Black

These brake pads are suitable for those looking for reliable braking systems at the most affordable price. They are fully factory-fitted in all respects and are a worthy replacement for stock pads that have already been out of service.

What material are the noise-suppressing layers made of?

– The noise suppression in these pads is a multilayer gasket, which consists mainly of nitrile rubber. It helps to reduce vibration, noise, and shaking during braking as much as possible.

Bosch BC965

Bosch BC965

The manufacturer Bosch is always made happy with the quality of the delivered pads. They are made of efficient multilayer coatings. These are ceramic pads with metallic friction coating, which helps to stop a car that is moving at high speed as quickly as possible. They also deal with noise reduction and the removal of dirt and hot air as efficiently as possible. With these pads, your driving will always be calm and comfortable.


  • multi-layer pads
  • aerospace alloy
  • quiet operation
  • suppression of high temperatures during prolonged braking


  • ceramic pads with semi-metallic coating
  • installation position: rear wheels
  • set weight 4 pounds
  • brand of the manufacturer: Bosch

These brake pads are at the level of Mopar premium brake pads. These are first-class pads that can handle the task of rapid braking in any emergency situation.

Bosch BC965

Will these brake pads fit as brake pads 2013 ram 2500?

– The presented set is designed for installation on dodge ram cars from 2003 to 2008. They are not suitable for 2013 cars. Always check with the retailer to ensure compatibility with your car.


Bosch BP1096

Bosch BP1096

Efficient premium brake pads are presented by the Bosch manufacturer. The company always stands out for its high-quality products and the use of innovative alloys in its car parts. The offered pads consist of an aerospace light and durable alloy. They just take the car’s braking ability to the next level. You can be sure of safety on any road and the reliability of the products offered. The pads are tested in a variety of conditions and are designed for driving on steep slopes and speed tracks.


  • aerospace lightweight and durable alloy
  • multilayer coating
  • effective system of suppression of noise and vibrations
  • long service life


  • installation position: rear wheels
  • set weight: 2 pounds
  • brand of the manufacturer: Bosch

The manufacturer provides a complete set of rear brake pads. The set includes lubricant and tools for installing the pads. This is an excellent choice for those who care about the reliability and practicality of the brake set they are purchasing. You can be sure that these pads will last a very long time and will perform their tasks effectively.

How many coatings does the brake pad have?

– This brake pad uses four active layers that are specially designed to reduce vibration, noise, and high friction temperatures. This approach ensures comfortable driving on all roads.

Hawk Performance HB299P.650

Hawk Performance HB299P.650

Hawk brake pads are some of the premium brake pads of the highest quality. The cost of spare parts is slightly higher than the competitors, but you get a high-quality product. Strong alloy and multi-layer coatings increase the braking force. This greatly improves safety when driving with heavy loads or towing another car. If extreme driving or transportation of heavy loads is typical for you, this set deserves your attention.


  • pads can withstand extreme loads
  • high adhesion to the surface of the wheel
  • long service life
  • anti-wear system


  • for cars weighing more than 1 ton
  • manufacturer: Hawk Performance

The manufacturer recommends these brake pads to those who put high loads on their car or use it in various extreme conditions. These are high-tech brake pads, which are characterized by special endurance and resistance to prolonged friction.

Hawk Performance HB299P.650

Is it worth installing them if my car is less than one ton?

– Of course, it is possible to install such brake pads on a car of smaller weight, but it is not necessary. These parts are designed for excessive loads and extreme conditions. If you prefer to drive aggressively, then this option suits you. If you drive carefully, it is worth considering other simpler brake pad options.


Thus, when choosing the best brake pads, it is worthwhile to correlate their cost with the production technology and with the materials of which the pad consists. More expensive pads tend to be designed for heavier loads and use in extreme driving conditions.

To sum up, three main manufacturers develop the most reinforced brake pads. Power Stop and Hawk Performance brand products are pads for excessive loads. The Bosch manufacturer creates more versatile brake pads that offer maximum performance and can be fitted for both moderate riding and extreme driving. You should not save money on brake pads if you subject the car to heavy loads by weight, extreme driving, driving on steep slopes in mountainous or other terrains, or frequent towing.

If you are not going to give the car extreme loads and drive carefully, other simpler and cheaper options may be a priority. Cheap pads, although they have a low cost, they also cope well and efficiently with their function and can last a very long time.

Frequently asked question

What are the best brake pads for Dodge Ram 1500?

Among all the brake pads available for this car, the most suitable are from the manufacturer Bosch. Make a dodge ram 1500 brake upgrade is not difficult with these pads. They are made of an aerospace alloy and have many highly effective coatings that reduce noise, vibration, friction temperature, and wear for a very long time. Versatility and reliability are the main advantages of these pads.

What are the best brake pads for towing?

The best brake pads for towing can include offers from Power Stop. These pads are made based on carbon fiber. They are characterized by high braking power and resistance to intense friction. They are designed for sufficiently heavy vehicles and can withstand heavy loads. You should also pay attention to the Hawk Performance pads. The company develops brake systems that are designed for excessive loads. Carrying heavy loads, extreme driving or frequent towing are situations in which reinforced brake pads are used.

Are power stop brakes and rotors good?

These braking systems are good because they use carbon fiber and are designed specifically for tractors and towing. The car can weight about 3 tons, and the brake system will withstand serious loads. The company’s rotors are highly resistant to wear and corrosion. On the whole, these are some of the most reliable braking systems in the aftermarket.

How do you upgrade car brakes?

The brakes on the car are upgraded with full replacement of the brake pads and rotors. There are several interesting offers on the market from different brands that create very reliable braking systems. All such brake set offers, for example, Callahan Brake Parts. Such spare parts can significantly strengthen the braking system and maximize its correct operation. Modern pads and rotors are resistant to corrosion and mechanical breakdown.

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