6.0 Powerstroke Turbo Rebuild Kit

A car engine is a device that converts energy into mechanical work that drives a car. Despite the variety of fuels and types of motors, power units powered by gasoline and diesel have become the most common. 

An internal combustion motor can be divided into two types.

  • One engine is located longitudinally, i.e. the cylinders are located along the central axis of the vehicle.
  • Other motors are transversely located, the cylinders in them go along the half-wheel axles, from left to right. In turn, the types of engines are most often divided into in-line and V-shaped. The number of cylinders can vary from 4 to 12 cylinders. 

The classic design includes a cylinder and crankcase, closed at the bottom of the pallet. Inside the cylinder is a piston with different rings, which moves in a specific sequence. It is shaped like glass and has a bottom at the top of it. To finally understand how the car motor works, you must know that the piston uses a piston pin and connecting rod to bind to the crankshaft.

For smooth and gentle rotation, main and connecting rod inserts are used, which act as bearings. The crankshaft consists of jaws as well as main and connecting rod journals. All these parts, put together, are called crankshafts, which convert the reciprocating motion of the piston into circular rotation of the crankshaft.

The top of the cylinder is closed by the head, where the inlet and outlet valves are located. They open and close in accordance with the piston movement and crankshaft movement.

How do you rebuild a 6.0 Turbo?

Powerstroke is a range of diesel engines used in trucks, SUVs, vans, trucks and passenger cars “Ford Econoline”, as well as in pickups Ford F Super Duty, Ford Ranger (European and South American version) and SUVs Ford Everest (SUV built on the platform Ford Ranger and better known in the markets of Southeast Asia).

There are 2 types of car engine repairs: current and capital.

  • In the first case, it is possible to allocate small and average repair. This type of engine repair involves the replacement of worn parts and assemblies that do not need to reassemble the car engine. 
  • If it is necessary to carry out a complete overhaul of the car’s engines, it is worth keeping in mind that this is a longer procedure. If engine replacement is the only way to repair your car, it can take up to 3-4 weeks to complete all work, depending on the brand.

6.0 Powerstroke turbo upgrade kit is a great way to bring back your motor performance and improve it. These kits are meant for those who want to build their own turbo. If you are buying this kit it is assumed that you have the knowledge and ability to build your own turbo.

How do you disassemble a 6.0 Turbo?

The engine will have to be removed for complete disassembly.

  • The oil and coolant must first be drained and all attachments must be removed: fuel pump, carburetor, water pump (pump), generator, oil pressure sensors, oil filter, oil dipstick, breather plug, etc. It is highly recommended that the nuts and bolts of each unit be stacked separately for further work.
  • The gearbox must be disconnected first. It is most convenient to remove it after the removal of the engine, but you can separate the unit before. The clutch is then uncoupled. 
  • The drive sheave on the crankshaft must now be removed. The bolts securing the flywheel are now unscrewed and this part is then removed. Underneath it, there is a plate that is held in place by the bolts. It also has to be removed.
  • The timing belt or chain is removed from the camshaft unless the cylinder head has been removed beforehand.
  • Next, disassemble the camshaft. To dismantle the camshaft, unscrew the nuts (they are on the studs) that secure the camshaft cover and remove the shaft itself.
  • After that, remove the cylinder head. It is fixed either by bolts or nuts on the studs.
  • Now you can turn the engine over and unscrew its pallet. Remove the oil pump. Unscrew the rear oil seal cover (from the engine end). Remove the shaft of the oil pump and its drive pinion at the rear of the motor.
  • The next important step is to dismantle the crank mechanism. This process is essential for the complete disassembly and assembly of the motor. Here attention and care are required as the parts are not interchangeable, but individual.
  • Next goes the removal of connecting rods and the main caps.
  • After that the crankshaft is removed, the old liners underneath the crankshaft and the locking half rings are pulled out.

What is a unison ring?

The Turbocharger Unison Ring moves the turbocharger vanes in the exhaust housing to boost or decline the speed of the turbocharger. The unison ring is an important replacement unit that prevents damage to the turbocharger vanes and compressor wheel.

What are the problems with the 6.0 Powerstroke diesel?

  • The most common problem 6.0 is valve failure.
  • Another problem that car owners face is the flow of antifreeze in the cooler.
  • Also, oil cooler leakage and consequent ingress of oil into antifreeze and/or antifreeze drop into oil is quite common.
  • Another common issue is burnout of head gaskets (gaskets burn out only in the end cylinders, those closer to the engine shield) and as a result the antifreeze care.

Best turbo rebuild kit for 6.0 Powerstroke

Before deciding to buy any stuff, make sure you research and read carefully the buying guide from trusted sources. Among the best and most popular kits are Turbo Lab America 2003-2007 6.0 Powerstroke Turbo Rebuild Kit, Turbocharger Rebuild Kit FOR Ford 6.0 L Powerstroke UPGRADED Garrett GT3782VA turbo, PULSAR 6.0 Powerstroke Turbo Rebuild Kit Billet Compressor Wheel Unison Ring Vane 2005-2007 and Turbo Major Repair Rebuild kit Replacement 08-10 Ford Powerstroke 6.4L (B2 + B3 High and Low-Pressure Kit).

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