Best Cams for 96 Cubic inch Harley

Best Cams for 96 Cubic inch Harley

In the market of spare parts for motorcycles Harley-Davidson there are many offers on replacement of camshaft and gas distribution mechanisms. Replacing such a mechanism allows you to improve engine performance, extend its lifespan and increase the not very high power of the old 96 cc engine. The performance of the cam mechanism depends on its efficiency, and it is they that determine the best cam for 96 cubic inch Harley.

Making Harley camshaft comparison it becomes clear that engine power depends on how long and high it lifts the cylinder. A cam mechanism regulates the volume of incoming air and fuel in the engine cylinders, as well as the valve opening time. You can achieve significant productivity gains by changing these parameters. Typically, the replacement will improve power performance at peak rpm or mid-range.

The following will show how much the stock Harley camshaft specs will be inferior to the camshaft performance of third party manufacturers.

Cams for Harley

Such mechanisms can be sold separately or in sets with other additional parts for replacement and installation. Harley cam kits are more expensive, but help to update more parts and make the cam mechanism as reliable and productive as possible. Sets may cost a little more than standard bare parts. If you are looking for more budget options to replace this mechanism, you will find them here too.

List of Top-Rated Cams for 96 Cubic inch Harley

PhotoProductYearsPower rangeDetails
Feuling 1009 Feuling 10091999-20042100 – 6500 rpmView on Amazon
S&S Cycle 106-5247 S&S Cycle 106-52471999-20063000-6000 rpmView on Amazon
S&S Cycle 33-5076 S&S Cycle 33-50761984-19993000-5500 rpmView on Amazon
Andrews 212620 Andrews 2126201978-19842000 – 7000 rpmView on Amazon
S&S Cycle 106-4947 S&S Cycle 106-49472007-20164000 RPMView on Amazon
Feuling 1021 Feuling 1021199-20061900 - 6000 rpmView on Amazon

Reviews of the Best Cams for 96 Cubic inch Harley

Feuling 1009

Feuling 1009
Power Range2100-6500 rpm
Performance Valve Springs99-04 engines
For Enginesstock 96, 103 & 110
Responds to modified cylinder headsVery Well
Cam Lobe DesignSmooth

Excellent cam mechanism to achieve maximum power for a 96-inch engine. It significantly increases the compression ratio and fuel delivery rates. The cam in the system has a very smooth shape, which ensures uniform and smooth operation of the gas distribution mechanism. It also performs well when working with modified cylinder covers. Unlike other similar mechanisms, it is more suitable for improving engine performance at medium RPM, although it also provides peak power amplification.   

Feuling 1009


  • affordable price
  • high-quality reliable construction 
  • greatly increases the power characteristics


  • power range: 2100 – 6500 rpm
  • especially for long distances 
  • approximate weight: 3 pounds
  • manufacturer: Feuling
Feuling cams
Feuling 1009

Production valves and lifting gears together with springs are required for engines from 1999 to 2004. For other engines, it is possible to use with stock parts. The mechanism shows maximum reliability and captures a power range from 2100 to 6500 RPM. Many consider this set the best cam for Harley 110 motor. 

S&S Cycle 106-5247

S&S Cycle 106-5247
Power Range3000-6000 rpm
For Engines88 to 96 inch and 100 to 107 inch
For Engines With Compression Ratiosfrom 10 to 10.5:1 and 9.7:1 to 10.5:1
High Lift SpringsRequired
Easy Start CamsYes
Intake Open20 degree
Intake Close45 degree
Intake Valve Lift585 in
Intake Duration245 degree
Exhaust Open60 degree
Exhaust Close:20 degree
Exhaust Duration260 degree
Exhaust Valve Lift585 in.

This set has been specially designed to replace the old mechanism in the engine. It ensures that the engine runs as smoothly and quietly as possible, as well as extending the RPM range and increasing peak power. The camshaft has 20 degrees on the open thrust and 40 degrees at closure, and 60 degrees at exhaust. The supplied set includes cams with flywheel, internal mechanism, and installation set. If your engine is already old and gives you trouble, you should think about replacing the engine or its components. This set can give the old engine a new life. 


  • a reliable set that expands the engine’s capabilities
  • full set for installation in the garage
  • for street driving and long-distance travel


  • suitable for Twin Cam models from 1999 to 2006
  • compression ratio from 10 to 10.5:1
  • set weight 6 pounds
  • brand name S&S Cycle

This mechanism has a rather high cost, but allows to significantly transform the whole system. It is suitable for lightweight motorcycle models that are fitted with easily deployable silencers and high pass filters with conventional stock heads.  

How many bearings are included in the installation set?

– There are 2 standard bearings in the set. There are also gaskets, flywheel, and pinion, as well as other parts that should be replaced during the installation of the mechanism. 

S&S Cycle 33-5076

S&S Cycle 33-5076
Power Range3000-5500 rpm
For Engines88 to 96 inch
For Engines With Compression Ratiosfrom 10 to 10.5:1
Requires Hydraulic TappetsYes
Spring SpacingYes
Cam For1984-1999 Harley-Davidson

This cam mechanism allows for an impressive increase in power and efficiency at medium rpm. It increases the torque and allows the work to be done smoothly, reducing the noise level when the engine is running. Of course, this is not the best cam for 1340 Evo, but it was designed for use with Evo Big Twin models from 1984 to 1999. It is probably the smoothest and quietest camshaft, the efficiency of which is far superior to the factory sets.  


  • excellent price among competitive products
  • suitable for installation with Big Twin engines with different compression ratios
  • performs best at average speed


  • designed for 96 in 10:1 engine
  • model type: 561 Camshaft
  • set weight 6 pounds
  • brand name S&S Cycle

This camshaft is ideal for those who use a moderate ride at medium RPM and do not strive for peak power and maximum engine load. Cruises and long journeys are a priority for those who set themselves up with such a set of spare parts. This is a simple basic set, which is easy to install in your garage. 

S&S Cycle 33-5076

For what other engine volumes is this mechanism suitable?

– It is also suitable for installation with 88, 98 in. engines, and many motorcyclists consider it the best cam for stock twin cam 88. 

Andrews 212620

Andrews 212620
Timing Value24° BTC 52° ABC 52° BBC 24° ATC
Valve Lift Shovel Value0.450″ and 0.450″
Valve Pan Value0.470″ and 0.470″
Springs TypeHi-lift
Peak Accuracy And EffectivenessYes
Grind C ClassYes
053″ Duration256° & 256°
020″ Duration302° & 302°

This cam from Andrews Products is manufactured in the USA and meets all requirements for the mechanism of powerful street engines. This high-performance cam mechanism allows you to increase engine power and achieve the highest possible productivity. It has improved cylinder lift and opening performance, which increases the volume of intake fuel and air and the valve opening time. All this allows you to achieve increased power from the engine. This way you can radically change your old engine, the efficiency of which you have long been dissatisfied with.  


  • computer production technology
  • designed specifically for large engines 
  • maximum output of the engine is achieved with the correct setting
  • acceptable cost


  • torque: 2000 – 7000 rpm
  • set weight 6 pounds
  • Mechanism manufacturer: Andrews Products

It will not be possible to make a Harley 103 cam upgrade with this mechanism, but it is perfectly suited for use with 84 to 96 inches engines and is designed to fit on older motorcycles from 1978 to 1984. With its help, the maximum engine power at 7000 + rpm are achieved.

Andrews 212620

How many parts are supplied in one set?

– Only one Cam mechanism is included in the set.

S&S Cycle 106-4947

S&S Cycle 106-4947
Power Range4000 rpm
For Engines96 to 106 CID
For Engines With Compression Ratiosfrom 9:1 to 10:1
Chain Drive Easy Start CamsYes

The Easy Start Camshaft is designed for maximum engine performance on heavier cruise motorcycles. It uses a centrifugal compression mechanism, which significantly reduces wear on the starter and the battery. With this set you will be able to perform a Harley 103 cam install. It is specially designed for engines with a volume of 96 to 106 cubic meters. The camshaft performs best at 4000 RPM and also improves performance at medium and faster RPMs.


  • complete camshaft set
  • for heavy cruising motorcycles
  • suitable for use with most stock parts
  • affordable price of the set


  • metallic finish
  • set weight 4 pounds
  • manufacturer: S&S Cycle

This mechanism allows you to increase the engine performance at an affordable price. Installation does not take long, and the camshaft can be used with almost all the stock parts that were previously available. It can also be used with an old starter. The installation set includes cams, bearings, gaskets, and installation instructions. 

Do I need to install a new starter for the Camshaft to work correctly?

– No, that won’t be necessary. The mechanism works perfectly with all factory mechanisms, including the basic starter. If the starter is already working with problems, it is better to replace it, which will save you from a lot of trouble.

Feuling 1021

Feuling 1021
Power Range1900 – 6000 rpm
For Engines96 to 103 in (and works 88 and 95)
Performance Valve Springs Are Required99-04 engines
Extremely Smooth Cam Lobe LayoutYes
Easy StartingYes

These cams are designed for those who want to achieve maximum engine power. Their sleek body keeps the engine running as smoothly and quietly as possible. They are easy to start and allow for maximum responsiveness of the throttle and optimization of fuel consumption.


  • adequate price on the market
  • allow you to significantly improve the performance of the engine
  • maximum smooth and quiet running
  • Camshaft perfectly replaces the stock on engines 96-103 inches


  • for cruise motorcycles
  • weight 3.5 pounds
  • manufacturer: FEULING OIL PUMP CORP.

The mechanism works perfectly with increased compression ratios. It should be noted that the installation of such a mechanism may violate some of the rules regarding the level of exhaust and environmental pollution. For this reason, it is worth checking with the manufacturer or retailer if the mechanism can be used in your area. 

S&S Cycle 106-4947

What does the supplied set include?

– The set includes two Camshafts. No additional parts are included. Installation is carried out using stock mechanisms and spare parts. The set is suitable for installation with most basic factory parts.  


In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that the best cam mechanisms in terms of cost are the S&S 561 Cams and Andrews C Cam.525. Their price ranges from 150 to 200 dollars. For this money, you get an effective mechanism that improves the torque at medium speeds. It is designed for installation on cruise motorcycles and is best suited for long journeys. The Andrews C Cam.525 mechanism can significantly increase power at high rpm 7000+. 

As for a complete set for installing and improving the camshaft, the S&S 585 Gear Drive Easy Start Cam Kit is the favorite. Its performance is confirmed by its price of around $800. The set includes cams with many inner parts, bearings, gaskets, and a set of tools for installation. So, if you understand the design and operation of the engine, you can upgrade your engine in your garage yourself. 

Special attention should be paid to camshafts from the manufacturer Feuling. These are the best pure mechanisms on the market. They are not equipped with additional parts, but are made of high-quality alloy. Functionally, they significantly expand the engine’s capabilities and allow for maximum performance.  

Frequently asked question

How many horsepower is a 96 cubic inch Harley Davidson?

These engines are capable of producing approximately the same power, although there may be minor deviations. Overall, Harley Davidson’s 96 cubic inch power is about 66 horsepower. This is a relatively small indicator, but it is enough power for street and long-distance driving in different areas. In comparison, the 103 cubic inch engine is capable of producing 75 horsepower. The torque in these engines can vary greatly depending on the installed camshafts and other components.
To increase the torque and generally improve some of the characteristics of power allows the installation of modern cam mechanisms that provide more peak performance of the engine at medium and high RPMs and ensure its smooth and less noisy operation.

What year did Harley go to 96 cubic inch?

This engine was first released in 2007, marking a new era in the history of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The engine was produced as part of a new innovative engine change program. It had more than 700 new parts, which significantly increased many of the performance and reliability of the engine. Engine power and average RPM performance have made it the optimal engine for leisurely city driving. It also proved effective on long trips over long distances. Many third-party parts manufacturers today produce improved parts that allow slightly improve the performance of this engine. Replacing old parts with productive new ones slightly increases overall engine power and improves torque, smoothness of running, as well as reduces system noise.

How do you tell if your Harley is cammed?

The cam mechanism in the engine can improve engine performance on many indicators. If the engine uses a third-party mechanism, you will immediately notice improvements. This effect is achieved because the camshaft controls the volume of air and fuel that enters the engine by adjusting the valve lift height. It also controls the time the valve mechanism is opened, which can have a significant impact on RPM potential and torque. Some cam mechanisms are designed to achieve peak power at high RPMs. Others are better at working at medium speeds.

How much horsepower does a S&S 124 have?

The power of the S&S 124 is 160 horsepower. This engine can be installed as a completely new one as well as retrofitted for additional power and higher torque. This engine is much more powerful than the 96 CC. Moreover, it is superior to the factory engine in several other performance indicators. It is designed for heavier motorcycles and allows them to develop higher speed. It is used on motorcycles from 1984 to 1999 and 2007 to 2016. The cost of such an engine is around $7,000. It is made in an aluminum body with chrome plating.

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