The Best Tuners for Harley 103

The news that the official motorcycle manufacturer Harley is going to launch a Harley “Super Tuner” buyback caused mixed emotions. Of course, it is great if such a tuner from this manufacturer becomes completely legal for use on the roads. But if you doubt the possibility of the legal use of tuners, you can find options that are not prohibited by law, even though this is not easy.

Tuners for Harley 103 can significantly transform the engine operation, increase its power as well as gas emissions into the atmosphere. Of course, the settings determine the parameters of the fuel emission and exhaust gases. Using the engine at peak performance is not recommended both from environmental and safety points of view.

All tuners work automatically using modes created by the manufacturer or user. For example, Dynojet tuners, like Thundermax and Maximus, can increase fuel supply by 200%, which significantly increases engine power and air emissions. If you don’t reach the maximum capabilities of the engine, there are no critical emissions into the atmosphere.

A motorcyclist can always create his own driving mode automatically. To do this, the tuner uses the data obtained during the usual ride and optimizes the engine operating parameters. You can always use this setting. Also, if you do not need the tuner at the moment, you can return to the factory settings by simply disconnecting it from the diagnostic port of the motorcycle.

Engine monitoring system

Fuelpak tuners can connect to any phone wirelessly. This way, you get a full-fledged control center over the engine in the phone application. Here you can switch between driving modes, adjust and monitor the current state of the engine. The phone displays speed, temperature, rpm, transmission, and current settings. In some cases, you need to purchase a screen separately. This is not always convenient, but if you get a professional tuner, you should also buy a monitor. Tuners are connected to a standard diagnostic port. The screen is conveniently mounted on the steering wheel. In other tuners, you can monitor the system on the built-in screen.

These are all the systems that allow you to control the engine in real time. The individual tuners can be connected to a personal computer to analyze the collected data, receive updates, or create a custom driving mode.

        Almost all Harley tuning software is convenient and available for use on Windows computers. Using the software, the driver can update the tuner, change the engine parameters, perform diagnostics, and configure lots of other parameters. The best tuner for Harley 110 is probably from Fuelpak, but this one may not be for everyone. Fuelpak tuners have many advantages, but their cost may not suit all riders.

List of Top-Rated Tuners for Harley 103

PhotoProductConnectDevice WeightDetails
Andrews 212620 Vance & Hines 66005Wireless connection
5 ouncesView on Amazon
Andrews 212620 Dynojet PV-2BConnection using
diagnostic port
1 lb
View on Amazon
Andrews 212620 Vance and Hines 66007Connection to a
smartphone via Bluetooth
5 ounces
View on Amazon
Andrews 212620 Dynojet 15-022USB connection
to a computer
1 lb
View on Amazon
Andrews 212620 Vance & Hines 66005 AMAWireless
6 ouncesView on Amazon

Reviews of the Tuners for Harley 103

Vance & Hines 66005

Vance & Hines 66005
Connection6 pin
Easy InstallYes
RecalibratesECM by Flash Tuning
Autotune FeatureYes
Bluetooth Connection For MobileYes
Connection For DeviceiPhone or Android
Live Sensor DataYes
Product Weight0.3 lbs

This is one of the most popular tuners for the Harley Davidson motorcycles. It is not only attractive with a set of features and capabilities, but also with its small size and light weight. This compact device can significantly transform the operation of your engine. The manufacturer has preloaded more than 7000 settings created by a big team of developers and mechanics. You can be sure that you will find the most optimal, productive riding modes for your riding style and motorcycle. Such a tuner allows you to increase power, reach the engine’s maximum capability, or adjust the optimal fuel economy mode.

The motorcycle tuner easily connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can track all the necessary performance indicators of the system in real time on the phone screen. A convenient and thoughtful mobile application deserves special attention. It has a logical structure and convenient placement of all necessary menu sections. It has a stylish black color scheme and allows you to transform your motorcycle’s functionality in a few taps.

There is also an interesting auto-tuning feature. It involves collecting information about the system’s operation when you ride a motorcycle in its usual mode. According to these data, the tuner can offer you the best engine settings to suit your driving style. In addition, you can get a table with the system operation data and change any necessary parameters. Thus, with this tuner, you get the most flexible and precise settings for all the basic parameters. Comparing the Screamin Eagle tuner to FP3, FP3seems to be a worthy alternative.

Vance & Hines 66005

The tuner application also allows to find incorrect codes that affect the system. Using the diagnostic option, you can eliminate or replace such codes. Before using the tuner, you can save the basic factory settings and always return to them if necessary.


  • convenient control using a smartphone
  • huge library of settings
  • small size and weight
  • automatic configuration


  • black color
  • for Harley Davidson 
  • wireless connection – Bluetooth
  • size – 5 by 3 inches
  • approximate weight – 5 ounces
  • created by Vance & Hines
Vance & Hines 66005

This is a great tuner for owners of most Harley Davidson motorcycles. It has all the necessary features and is convenient to use. It allows you to control the potential of your bike, adapting it to your riding style or a specific situation on the road. Fuelpak FP3 is not just a software processor – it is your faithful assistant on any road in any traffic conditions.

Is it compatible with Harley Davidson Dyna 2017?

– Yes, this tuner will work properly on this motorcycle.

What is the name of the application for this tuner that I have to download?

– It is called Fuelpak FP3 and is available for both Android and iOS. 

Dynojet PV-2B

Dynojet PV-2B

The Power Vision Tuner is a great product from Dynojet, which specializes in motorcycle tuners. The tuner for the Harley 103 allows you to adjust the engine and other parameters to fit your needs and driving style. The custom software development team has created various settings in ready-made presets; you just have to choose the necessary option. The settings allow you to get the maximum power out of the engine. If you want to switch to an economical ride, this option is also already pre-installed. It is possible to create your own settings according to the characteristics of your riding style. The tuner can save information about your riding habits. You can create your own settings using this data and load it into the tuner using the appropriate computer program.

You can monitor the operation of the system using a bright and contrasting color screen. Its size is small with a diagonal of 3.5 inches, but this is enough to accommodate all the necessary parameters and track them quickly in real time. The monitor has touch controls. The main screen contains 6 icons to display the tuner programs, tools, settings and system information.

The tuner connects to most computers and works using the manufacturer’s software. This program allows you to visualize your ride or any setting and change the parameters as you wish. You can also analyze any preset and diagnose the entire motorcycle system.


  • convenient color screen with touch control
  • small size
  • a standard mount for quick installation
  • the device is resistant to water and shaking


  • black color
  • diagonal of the display – 3,5 inches
  • screen – color and touch
  • connection using diagnostic port
  • approximate package weight – 1 lb
  • manufacturer – Dynojet

At the moment, the manufacturer offers its users more than 400 ready-made settings to change the operation of your motorcycle in the best way. The tuner helps you save fuel and increase power when necessary. This is an affordable, convenient, and multi-functional professional tuner that does not require the connection of any additional gadgets.

Is there a software for Mac OS to manage the tuner?

– Unfortunately no. You can control the tuner only through Windows.

What is the best way to mount this tuner on a motorcycle?

– It is most convenient to install it on the steering wheel. The mount must be included in the kit.

Is it possible to find and delete incorrect codes on this tuner without connecting to a computer?

– Of course, you can search and correct them directly in the tuner without connecting to a PC.

Dynojet PV-2B

Vance & Hines 66007

Vance and Hines FP3 Fuelpak 66007

FP3 Fuelpak 66007 is a professional solution for those who want to get control over the engine system and unleash the full potential of the motorcycle. The manufacturer has created an extensive library of settings, which is always available to you. You can choose the best presets for every difficult situation on the road or select the optimal fuel economy mode.

The tuner can also increase the responsiveness of the throttles, improve the torque and transmission. You can also tune the capture and release of fuel to help you save money without additional equipment. The tuner automatically collects data about your riding style to allows you to create your custom preset. Special tables allow you to analyze and diagnose and configure any parameters.

You can track the system on any phone. The manufacturer offers a convenient and compact application for any phone. It provides access to all settings, monitoring, diagnostics, and various modes. When changing the motorcycle modification, you can always download a map of the motorcycle and select the settings for specific changes. The application provides easy tuner control even while driving. Fixing the phone on the steering wheel is the most convenient solution. You will get real-time monitoring of all processes and indicators on one screen.


  • a professional engine control tool
  • convenient application interface
  • wireless connection with a smartphone
  • extensive library with specific and basic settings
  • automatic mode


  • for motorcycles from 2007 to 2013
  • connection to a smartphone via Bluetooth
  • device color – black
  • approximate package weight – 5 ounces
  • tuner manufacturer – Vance and Hines

FP3 Fuelpak tuner is designed for those who appreciate the control convenience and flexibility. The device provides professional control over the engine and can help you in any circumstances, both when driving around the city and on rough terrain. According to many motorcyclists, the FP3 is the best tuner for Harley 88 ci.

Vance and Hines FP3 Fuelpak 66007

What plug does this tuner have and how to connect it to a motorcycle?

– It is connected via a standard diagnostic port. After connecting to the motorcycle, download the application to your phone, turn on Bluetooth, and find the device. Connect to the phone and go to the app to get full control over the tuner.

Dynojet 15-022

Dynojet 15-022

Dynojet presents Power Commander V, which works according to the hardware features of your motorcycle. Here you can customize each engine cylinder and optimize the operation. You can download two operating modes into the tuner and change them depending on the circumstances. You can use a switch to change the modes, but it is sold separately. You can also automatically modify the selected driving mode according to your driving style analysis for a certain period.

A special program allows you to load the required mode into the tuner. Using the software, you can control the calibration, data analysis and tuning. The device supports many other features. For example, to track all the parameters on the screen, you need to connect a special tuner screen which is also sold separately.


  • compact size
  • easy installation
  • full control over the operation of the engine cylinders
  • it is used with a number of additional devices from the manufacturer


  • black color
  • USB connection to a computer
  • Approximate Device Weight – 1 lb
  • manufacturer – Dynojet

This is a very compact tuner with nothing extra. It was created for those who know exactly what they need to get from the motorcycle. The tuner uses a hybrid fuel emission setting that provides control over consumption and power at the same time. Of course, it does not have extensive features offered by other tuners with screens and telephone controls. But its compact size and the ability to use the engine at an affordable price make it a favorite for many motorcyclists. This device is perfect for Harley Dyno motorcycles from 2012 to 2017.

Dynojet 15-022

How can I track engine performance?

– To do this, you need to purchase a special screen that connects to the tuner and allows you to see all the system features and the settings.

Vance & Hines 66005 AMA

Vance & Hines 66005 AMA

We should pay special attention to the feature of creating a custom driving mode. This is possible since the tuner collects information during the drive. Then it analyzes the received data and creates the optimal power mode for you. This way, you create your own unique driving mode with optimal performance and engine power.

A convenient application allows you to see all the parameters of the system on the phone screen. Here, you will see speed, torque, temperature, driving mode, gear, and other indicators that reflect the engine’s current state. Using the phone while driving is convenient if it is securely fixed on the steering wheel. The manufacturer’s application deserves special attention, as it is well-designed, has an exciting look, and its menu buttons are placed logically. To use the application, you do not need to read any instructions, everything is simple and intuitive.


  • easy connection
  • full engine control
  • A huge number of settings and riding modes for any motorcycle
  • custom riding modes


  • black color
  • control via smartphone
  • wireless Bluetooth connection
  • device weight – 6 ounces
  • manufacturer – Vance & Hines

The Vance & Hines Fuelpak is a professional tuner that is used for both sports and city driving. It allows you to tune the engine’s operation accurately, based on ready-made settings, or using the precise customization of any parameter. This device is suitable for installation on most modern Harley motorcycles. It allows you to eliminate problem codes and quickly update software and driving modes. Quick switching between driving modes also works great.

How long does it take to collect data to create the best user experience in automatic mode?

– The manufacturer recommends collecting data for 30 minutes – 1 hour. You should repeat this data collection several times so that the program can handle large volumes of data and can create the optimal mode.

Vance & Hines 66005 AMA


When choosing a functional Harley auto tuner for your motorcycle, pay attention to how you will use it. Not all tuners are easy to use. Some auto tuners, such as Dynojet, require a separate screen to monitor the system. If you want to replace the operating mode on it, you will have to connect it to the computer and drop the file with the operation parameters. Of course, this is a good tuner, which significantly increases power, but it will not be convenient for everyone.

Vance & Hines tuners are more mobile and allow you to monitor and switch between modes directly from your phone. It is extremely convenient. The developers have created an app to easily change the tuner settings using a wireless connection. You may not need an extensive library of settings since you will probably select several optimal presets and switch between them. In addition, it is possible to create a custom mode according to the data collected from your motorcycle or adapt an existing setting to suit your driving style.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the best fuel control system for Harley Davidson?

The best Harley engine control system is a compact device that is easy to mount and connect. Nowadays, the best devices are ones that allow you to control all processes through a mobile phone.
Fuelpak FP3 tuner is considered to be the best, as it has convenient controls and a thoughtful application with a number of settings to unleash the engine’s potential. Controlling the engine from a smartphone is convenient – you get a complete tool for optimizing the operation of the motorcycle, which can be controlled with one hand. Of course, the cost of such a tuner is high, but it does not require any additional devices and can transform your motorcycle, revealing its potential. Saving on fuel consumption or increasing power are the main goals of using the tuner. In addition to this, it offers you a lot of other features and useful functions that will impress you.

What does a Harley Super Tuner do?

Like any other software processor, Super Tuner reveals the engine’s potential, increasing its power and other indicators. It was created in order to get the maximum power of the engine in difficult road conditions. If necessary, you can reduce engine power and fuel consumption. This helps you save your money.
In fact, this tuner reprograms the on-board computer and changes the parameters of the engine according to the settings. It is ideal for city and highway driving. These changes do not affect warranty service since a tuner cannot be tracked in the system. When removed, it returns the system to its default state.

Do I need a tuner for my Harley?

If you are not satisfied with your motorcycle’s fuel consumption or power capabilities, it makes sense to install a tuner. In case you want to get extra power and acceleration, a good tuner will allow you to get more responsiveness to the throttle. Modern tuners have a lot of settings for specific road conditions and motorcycles. Thus, you can always get optimal settings.
The tuner will also help you reduce fuel consumption if you want to save money. The program codes help reduce the fuel supply, which affects the speed but allows you to see the savings immediately. In addition to these goals, tuners optimize fuel consumption and adjust engine power to your specific riding style. The automatic tuning mode creates the most optimal setting that meets your typical driving parameters.

What is a Stage 1 tuner on a Harley?

The Stage 1 tuner allows you to control the fuel and exhaust system, increasing the motorcycle’s power characteristics. This setting affects the volume of air supply to the cylinders and contributes to faster rotation of the motor, which increases the torque and engine power in general. Without this setting, you cannot connect other levels of control over engine operation. Some third-party manufacturers provide step-by-step settings using the devices you can choose for your motorcycle.

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