Best GPS For Overlanding

When it comes to the best GPS for Overlanding you should pay attention to a few important points that determine the safety of your movement in unfamiliar terrain. First of all, it is the signal strength, which creates the ability to track in real-time on any terrain without interruptions. Then you should understand how long the device can operate autonomously without recharging. The functionality of the navigation device and the number of maps it uses and how it allows you to manage the route and the important points on it are also essential.

We will not do the Gaia GPS review, but it is worth noting that this is one of the best applications for travelling through wilderness in completely unfamiliar conditions. This overland app has many advantages over regular maps. Devices that detect and track your location work best online and use mobile networks and satellites to determine your location on Overlanding trails.

The following are simple and multifunctional navigators that can be used in any environment and for any purpose. They have their features, functions, and different plans that can extend the functionality of a regular navigator and allow you to move around without fear in any area. The versatility of such devices lies in the fact that they can download maps of territories of almost any country and use them around the world. The best navigator will always work smoothly, and when it comes to touch navigation, the most important factor is often the speed of sensor response and the ability to quickly perform all necessary manipulations with the map.Mobile app design can significantly enhance the user experience, similar to how a well-designed GPS interface can improve overlanding adventures.

List of Top-Rated Gps For Overlanding

Garmin 010-01343-00 Garmin 010-01343-00Rechargeable lithium-ionYesView on Amazon
Garmin 010-00970-00 Garmin 010-00970-002 AA (not included);
(NiMH or Lithium)
YesView on Amazon
Garmin 010-01199-20 Garmin 010-01199-202 AA (not included);
(NiMH or Lithium)
YesView on Amazon
Garmin 010-01539-01 Garmin 010-01539-01Rechargeable lithium-ionYesView on Amazon
Magellan TN5771SGLUC Magellan TN5771SGLUCCR2 batteryYesView on Amazon
Garmin 010-01735-10 Garmin 010-01735-10Rechargeable lithium-ionYesView on Amazon
Aonerex GPS Navigation for Car Aonerex GPS Navigation for CarLithiumYesView on Amazon
Desgan GPS Navigation for Car Desgan GPS Navigation for CarLithium PolymerYesView on Amazon

Reviews of the Best Gps For Overlanding



An excellent GPS Navigator that can track your location in almost any country in the world. The transmitter uses a fast connection, which can update the map every 10 seconds. The tool works directly from the box and requires no additional configuration.

The user is offered the opportunity to keep the tracking history for a whole year. The navigator is equipped with a capacious battery, which significantly extends the active time of use. The package includes the Navigator, charger and SIM card. This card is international and allows you to track your device around the world in any country. The buyer is offered a universal plan for a month, which costs about $ 25.


  • 2 additional months are offered in the user plan
  • a reinforced battery that significantly extends the working time of the device
  • ability to save the annual tracking history
  • works in almost all countries of the world
  • can update your position every 10 seconds


  • weight of device: approx. 2 ounces
  • 1 lithium battery included
  • compatible with your phone or tablet

No contracts are assumed when activating and using the device. You can terminate the purchased service at any time. Please note that you will need a screen to fully track the object. This can be a phone, tablet, or computer. The device is suitable for use in all conditions: when driving, walking, or on any journey.

Why does a GPS tracker often lose the signal and stop working?

– This may be because the device is often obstructed by iron or concrete barriers. If there are no such barriers, then you should check the battery level.

Garmin 010-01343-00

Garmin 010-01343-00
Base Style and 2 options5″010-01342-00Check Price
Base Style and 8 options7″010-01343-00Check Price

This Navigator with a built-in display is designed specifically for truck drivers and truckers. The advantage of using this device is that it allows you to find all the necessary places quickly and calculate the optimal route according to the size, weight, and other features of the truck.


  • makes it easier to locate the nearest parking lots, restaurants and routes
  • has a built-in display
  • Ideal for driving on unknown roads and always warns of problem areas on the way
  • has many additional useful functions


  • Bluetooth connection support
  • 7-inch screen
  • touch screen
  • manufacturer: Garmin

This Navigator is a must-have for every trucker. Navigator has a lot of interesting and useful features. It can be used in conjunction with the phone or headphones and can communicate in a non-contact manner without being distracted by phone calls.

How do I connect my navigation device to my phone?

– Simply go to the specific section of the navigation device and click on the phone icon to start searching for the phone in the access area. Don’t forget to enable Bluetooth on your phone beforehand. The same goes for wireless headphones.

Garmin 010-00970-00

Garmin 010-00970-00

The device tracks an object about 20 percent more efficiently thanks to the combined use of GPS and GLONASS technologies. You can load a huge number of routes into the navigator, both for hiking and for riding a bike or car.


  • helps you calculate the distance to your destination
  • small size and weight
  • saves important points on the route
  • works in active mode for up to 20 hours with two batteries


  • display size: up to 3 inches
  • monochrome display
  •  power supply: two AA batteries
  • IPX7 moisture protection
  • manufacturer brand: Garmin

The Garmin GPS Navigator is more suitable for hiking in any remote location. It is characterized by reliability and long service life. The device is absolutely waterproof and resistant to minor mechanical damage.

Garmin 010-00970-00

What additional features does this Navigator have?

– The device allows you to plan routes and share them with your friends. It also shows a topographical map in two or three-dimensional mode.

Garmin 010-00970-00 2

Garmin 010-01199-20

Garmin 010-01199-20
Base Modelbase010-01199-00Check Price
With ANT + Bluetooth + Camera+ 1 options010-01199-30Check Price
With ANT+Bluetooth+ 4 options010-01199-10Check Price
With ANT+Bluetooth and US TOPOfull010-01199-20Check Price

This is an excellent multifunctional GPS navigator that can accurately determine your location in space and plan multiple routes. The navigator can transfer interesting places to all compatible devices. It has an excellent color display, which allows you to see everything even in the sunniest weather.


  • readable display, even in sunny weather
  • works for approximately 16 hours on a single charge from two batteries
  • there is a modification with a built-in rechargeable battery
  • wirelessly paired with your smartphone
  • BirdsEye Satellite Imagery annual subscription enabled


  • housing color: black
  • 8 GB built-in memory
  • micro SD connector available
  • USB support
  • color display up to 3 inches
  • IPX7 protection
  • manufacturer: Garmin

This navigator has a built-in compass and barometer, which help to determine your position in space and anticipate possible changes in weather conditions.

Garmin 010-01199-20

What notifications can the device receive and transmit?

– This Navigator allows you to receive notifications about emails and other notifications that are compatible with your smartphone.

Garmin 010-01199-20 2



The device is designed for remote tracking of any object from custom logistic software vehicles to people. Monitoring is performed on a computer screen, smartphone, or tablet using the appropriate application.

The small size of the navigation device allows it to be used discreetly or stealthily to others.


  • allows you to track any moving objects from your computer or phone
  • super compact and lightweight
  • long working period of more than 2 weeks
  • operates on cellular phones and allows you to track objects in the access area


  • housing color: black
  • built-in lithium battery
  • 4G support
  • $20-25 per month
  • manufacturer: PRIMETRACKING

An excellent and reliable tracking device using high-speed connectivity. The object position is updated every 10 seconds. The navigator allows you to quickly receive updates and other notifications.

Under what conditions does the plan cost $20?

– The cost of services is $20 per month, on condition of subscription at once for half a year.

Garmin 010-01539-01

Best GPS For Overlanding
Black Halogen LEDBlackPRO-YD-CS07-HL-BKCheck Price
Halo LED ProjectionSmokePRO-YD-CS07-HL-SMCheck Price

This Navigator is designed for convenient use in the car. The device has an excellent bright display and supports voice control. You can also safely talk on the phone using the Navigator. You can see any notifications from your phone on the Navigator screen. A lithium battery is included.


  • support for all notifications from your smartphone
  • voice control and the ability to make calls via Bluetooth technology
  • low cost


  • black body
  • bright 5-inch display
  • support for vertical orientation
  • manufacturer: Garmin

A good, simple, and functional car Navigator. You get a universal navigator that allows you to move around absolutely safely on the road without having to use your phone while driving for a little money.

Can I charge my device while driving?

– Yes. The set includes a special cord that allows you to connect it to the electric power system and use it while driving.

Magellan TN5771SGLUC

Magellan TN5771SGLUC

One of the highest quality car navigators in terms of display and usability. The device is equipped with a bright color display on which all elements of the map are visible. You can save important points on your route through voice control.


  • the navigator has a very high-quality color display with extension 800 x 400
  • uploads of routes and detailed maps for all 50 states
  • full control via touch screen


  • 5-inch color display
  • touchscreen
  • wi-fi support
  • is powered by the CR2 battery that is included in the set
  • weight: 1 pound
  • brand of the manufacturer: Magellan

If it is important for you to have a high-quality screen, then you will like this car Navigator. It is equipped with all the standard features for such navigators and allows you to effectively configure and manage routes.

Magellan TN5771SGLUC

Is it possible to connect this navigation device to a computer or smartphone?

– The device supports a wireless Wi-Fi connection. Also, there is a micro USB port, so the Navigator can always be connected to other devices.

Garmin 010-01735-10

Garmin 010-01735-10
Explorer+ StyleBase010-01735-10Check Price
Explorer+ Style+ Mount Velcro-Fastener010-01735-10Check Price
Explorer+ Stylewith Backpack Tether010-01735-10Check Price
Explorer+ Stylewith Powered Mount010-01735-10Check Price
SE+ StyleYellow010-01735-00Check Price

This Navigator is a universal device for tracking your location with the ability to share it with your friends. It has probably the best off-road trail map app, which allows you to effectively plan your route and track not only locations, but also weather conditions in real-time. You can also type and send text messages to a phone number or email box.


  • stylish design
  • It is possible to link the tracker to a monitoring device to ensure the security of the object
  • rechargeable battery
  • reliable protection from moisture


  • built-in lithium battery
  • IPX7 moisture protection
  • built-in compass and barometer
  • built-in maps
  • manufacturer: Garmin

A great option for a traveller who can track his location and share it with friends or rescue center in case of emergency. It can be connected to any mobile device. Besides, the navigator is equipped with a compass, barometer, and accelerometer.

What is the screen size and how long can the device last on a single charge?

– The color screen size is less than 3 inches. The device can work for about 20 hours on a single charge.

Aonerex GPS Navigation for Car

Aonerex GPS Navigation for Car

Clear and bright navigator with extra mounts and cords. The device has a built-in multimedia player that supports a lot of digital formats. A sensitive touch screen allows you to quickly and accurately control all functions. Such a Navigator is not just a device that helps you move safely along routes. This is a multimedia center with many interesting and useful functions that are very convenient to manage.


  • bright and high-quality screen
  • convenient touch control
  • multifunctionality
  • support for large memory cards
  • easy attachment to any surface


  • 7-inch screen size
  • lithium battery included
  • touch screen
  • multimedia support (photo, video, text, radio)

This is an excellent multimedia Navigator with a lot of additional features and convenient fast touch control. If you need a navigator that does not just show your location on the map, but also can work as a full-featured multimedia device with responsive touch control, then this is the navigator for you.

Aonerex GPS Navigation For Cars

Does the device support Gaia GPS?

– I guess so. The ability to connect the device to a computer and the presence of extended memory allows you to use various applications on it. It is necessary to specify the support of this particular application when purchasing.

Desgan GPS Navigation for Car

Desgan GPS Navigation for Car

Large and bright Navigator with support for multimedia and other functions. Fast sensor operation is one of the main advantages compared to other devices in this category. Routes have several settings for choosing the most appropriate path, depending on the type of vehicle and the desired road. There are also warnings in the most dangerous and responsible places.


  • you can download any map, but maps of all of North America are already in the box
  • the display responds without delay
  • Navigator is equipped with a powerful processor
  • ability to use extended memory


  • 7-inch touch screen
  • multimedia support
  • voice guide
  • charging for the car
  • mini USB cable

The navigator has a built-in battery that lasts about 1.5 hours, so it is always wise to use the charger. It can view the map in clear 3D mode, which looks very modern, and it is very convenient to use. This navigator is a great choice for those who want a bright, fast, and reliable navigator in their car, where you can also listen to music or watch videos and photos.

How are maps updated in this device?

– Maps are updated via the computer. You get a Navigator that already has the latest maps installed out of the box. Updates to all maps are released three times a year, and you can always install them on your device.


In conclusion, we would like to note that the GPS navigator should be selected based on the conditions in which it will be used. Multimedia navigators with large, bright touchscreens are best suited for driving around the city and out of town in a car. In addition to the main object tracking function on the map, they have a lot of other functions.

Mobile navigators with a small screen and water protection will be suitable for moving in unfamiliar wilderness. If you just need to track an object or vehicle remotely on your computer or mobile device, it is better to choose the smallest GPS trackers without screens or other additional features that allow you to use the best off-road GPS app for the iPad.

Frequently asked question

What is the best GPS for offroad use?

The best navigators for moving around in different terrain are devices that are designed more for hiking. They allow you to create routes to the wildest places. They usually can accurately determine their location in space and predict changes in weather conditions. For example, the manufacturer Garmin offers this type of device. They can have both a monochrome and color screen and allow you to view maps both on the plane and in 3D mode. They also have additional functions. They allow you to plan your trip, explore the area around you, and save any points on your routes.

What’s the best GPS for ATV trails?

The best GPS navigators for ATV trails are on the market by the manufacturer Garmin. Such devices allow you to safely travel through unfamiliar terrain and pave the way to the most unknown places. The device’s compactness is one of the main advantages when riding ATVs or bikes. Besides, it has quite serious protection against moisture, which is also convenient in a situation when you are caught by rain or other bad weather. Pocket navigators usually have a small display, a sufficiently long period of work from a single charge, and the ability to load the map of any area.

How do I use Overlanding GPS on Gaia?

Gaia GPS is used after registering on the site on any device. You get access to a huge number of off-town roads for travel. In an application I usually find the desired terrain, download a map, and create a route of interest to me. It’s great that the map can be used offline. This is the mode that I use Gaia most often, and I don’t always need to be connected to the network in order not to lose track of an unfamiliar route.

Is Gaia GPS subscription worth?

Subscribing to Gaia GPS offroad is worth it if you want to have access to all possible public and private areas and still use GPS tracking without any need to connect to the network. Besides, the subscription allows you to customize the routes for yourself. The application also allows you to predict possible changes in the weather and alerts you to possible dangers on your route.

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