The Bully Dog 40417 Professional Software Tuner

Bully Dog has been manufacturing and supplying tuners for race cars and pickups for a long time, helping to get the maximum power of diesel engines. The multifunctional Bully Dog 40417 tuner allows the driver to change the car parameters in real time, improving consumption or increasing its power when necessary. In addition, the tuner has many other features that make it a favorite in the market of effective tuners.

What can a tuner from Bully Dog do?

If you use the tuner on cars with the systems mentioned below, you can get more control over them. First of all, the tuner can change the torque and increase the maximum engine speed. It also allows you to turn off speed limits and ignore fuel management systems that turn off half of the cylinders to save fuel. In addition, the tuner can change the point of transmission on automatic transmission cars, make it smoother and adjust the maximum speed before switching to the next gear. The control over installed turbo systems is also in your hands.

        The Bully Dog tuner can remove temperature limits and turn fans off or on to cool the engine. Changing these parameters is not recommended if you are not a professional racer or are not fully versed in the operation of your car, as this may affect it negatively. You can achieve impressive results if you use these features correctly.

The Bully Dog ​​GT Gas tuner Silverado also allows you to adjust the car lighting operation. In addition, it can control the locks and other electronic systems. It can calibrate the speedometer and other sensors, diagnose the system.

How to connect the tuner and download program codes?

To update Bully dog ​​40417, you need to connect the tuner to the computer and use the software to update if it is ready for installation. You can upload the codes and driving modes for your particular car is carried out by connecting the device’s SD card to the computer using the wire from the kit. To use program codes that make changes to the engine, you need to copy them to the card, upload it into the device and select the appropriate files.

The tuner is connected to the car through the diagnostic port. This is usually an OBD2 port. It is located under the steering wheel on the right or left side, depending on the car. If you want to disable the tuner, it is enough to remove it from the port, and it will not leave any signs of use since the codes do not interfere with the on-board computer software.

Review of the Bully Dog 40417

Bully Dog 40417

Bully Dog GT Tuner 40417
Accessory DelayYes
Active Fuel Management (AFM)Yes
Adjust TimingYes
Auto Door LockYes
Axle RatioYes
Boost ControlYes
CAM Variation RelearnYes
Coolant TemperatureYes
Disable Traction ControlYes
Engine FanYes
Fog Light/High BeamYes
Head Light DelayYes
Idle Learn Reset:Yes
Pyrometer Temperature WarningYes
Reset Transmission Oil LifeYes
Rev LimiterYes
Smart Unlock ConfigurationYes
Speed LimiterYes
Switch A/F Sensor ReadingYes
Throttle SensitivityYes
Transmission Shift FirmnessYes
Transmission Shift PointsYes
Unlock Driver DoorYes
Top Possibilities for Change

This car tuner is compatible with a vast range of sports cars and powerful pickups. It is often used to unleash the car’s full potential, just like Bully Dog ​​40417 RAM 1500. This multifunctional tuner was created in order to gain full control over the operation of the engine and other systems, adjusting their work to your needs. You can add significantly more horsepower, increase torque, and much more.

You can always quickly switch to the driving modes you need, depending on the current situation on the road and your needs. The tuner allows you to get the maximum out of the engine under heavy loads or switch to the saving mode and reduce fuel consumption as much as possible, reducing torque and engine power in general. The tuner allows you to automatically switch the load from one axis to another or enable four-wheel-drive mode automatically at a certain speed. The device also allows you to control the operation of the turbine, lighting, coolers, AFM systems, speedometer, automatic transmission, and many other parameters. The Bully Dog tuner can also control the door locks, peak torque parameters, speed, throttle sensitivity, many temperature indicators, and engine operation limits.

Bully Dog - 40417

You can download the settings to the tuner through a computer. In addition to the basic settings and presets, the user can download and save up to 10 personal settings. In addition to working with the engine settings, the tuner allows you to diagnose the on-board computer system, find and eliminate or replace incorrect codes that may influence the car.

The device is controlled using mechanical buttons on the sides. A high-quality small color screen can display many parameters of the car simultaneously, which is very convenient for a quick and complete analysis of the state of the engine.


  • convenient compact size
  • easy installation
  • a complete set for connecting to the system
  • significantly increases engine power and torque under heavy loads
  • great screen for monitoring the car state
  • mass of various useful features


  • type – gas tuner
  • connection – diagnostic port
  • plug type – OBD2
  • screen – color LCD
  • control – push-button
  • approximate device weight – 1 lb
  • created by Bully Dog

Of course, pushing the car limits is recommended only for driving outside the city or for sports purposes. If you use a car to drive around the city, such an aggressive intervention in the engine’s operation is unnecessary. It is better to use the built-in settings to increase power or turn on the saving mode to minimize fuel consumption. In fact, this is a unique and multi-functional tuner with a ton of settings that allows you to get maximum control over many systems in the car. The device is easily mounted in the car using a special flexible mount included in the kit. The bright and compact screen displays all the necessary information in real time. The device has the day and night display mode to make it more comfortable to work with.

bully dog gt 40417

How to download engine operation features to the device?

– You need a computer to do this. Download the software from the manufacturer’s official website to your computer. Connect the device’s SD card to the computer and send the necessary presets to the memory card through the software. After that, insert the memory card into the tuner and use the installed files.

How does it find and eliminate incorrect program codes during system diagnostics?

– To perform diagnostics, go to the corresponding menu item and select the code search procedure. The tuner will automatically check the system and troubleshoot incorrect codes.

Is it possible to tell the tuner was used on a car?

– The tuner does not change the programs of the main computer. That means it is impossible to determine its use on the car.


        In conclusion, the variety of available functions makes the presented car tuner a great option. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the most versatile tuner that will increase engine power or improve consumption and control many other parameters and systems in the car.

There is no drastic difference between Bully Dog ​​40420 and 40417 tuners, as they work for different cars, but they have similar features and capabilities.

         This is a convenient device when it comes to ergonomics and control. Even though it has no touch controls and its screen is small, you can quickly select the desired mode and make any adjustments to the car operation. The screen is quite bright, it shows all the information clearly and has two modes of operation: day and night ones. You can track up to 15 indicators that reflect the state of the engine and other systems in real time with almost no delay.

        The kit includes everything you need for the tuner to work out of the box, like cords and a memory card. To download the codes and updates, you need a computer running Windows. The kit also included is a convenient flexible mount that allows you to quickly and securely fix the tuner in the right place at a comfortable angle.

Frequently asked Questions

How much HP does a Bully Dog GT gas add?

Any software tuner can strongly influence the engine and expand its capabilities. The maximum amount of additional horsepower depends on the tuner and the car and its characteristics. In general, Bully Dog ​​40410 can increase the horsepower of the car by about 40 units. If you check the Bully Dog ​​40417 reviews, you will see that the tuner can give an increase of 25 horsepower according to the claims of many users. At first glance, this is a rather basic indicator. Still, this tuner can also influence other parameters of the engine, allowing you to accelerate the number of revolutions and reduce fuel consumption even with intensive use of the vehicle.
Please note that the range of influences and improvements in engine performance depends on the model of the car and the tuner. This tuner is one of the most functional controllers that help you get maximum control and protect yourself on the road. If you use the tuner with other devices and systems that increase power, the increase in horsepower will be impressive. The turbines, improved cam mechanisms, modern exhaust systems, and other technologies significantly improve the car’s operation and increase its power. The tuner, in turn, allows you to control and change the operation of each system. The total increase in horsepower may be up to 100 when using several technologies together.

Does Bully Dog improve gas mileage?

If you use the tuner to increase power or torque, fuel consumption always increases, as more fuel is supplied into the cylinders. This is especially true for operating modes for towing and transporting heavy loads in severe road conditions. In such cases, fuel consumption increases significantly.
It is also possible to find the optimal modes for power and consumption, but this way, it is impossible to reveal the power potential of the engine.
The Bully Dog ​​40415 and 40417 software tuners perform quite efficiently in fuel-saving modes. Consumption per hundred kilometers can be reduced if you set the appropriate modes. This applies primarily to driving on the highway when fuel consumption can be reduced to 4 liters. In fact, the tuner does work, but the consumption depends on many factors, including driving mode and conditions, proper fuel supply systems, and secondary exhaust recirculation. With all systems working together, savings can be much more significant.

Are the Bully Dog programs good?

The desire to get the maximum out of the car makes many drivers use software systems to increase power and improve other indicators. You will immediately see that the tuners from Bully Dog cope with these tasks very well. It becomes clear right away when you connect the device to your car. The tuners have a lot of operation modes and can allow you to control many car systems, which other similar products can’t do. A significant and safe increase in power is the company’s main priority, which it successfully implements in sports cars. Professional racers use these tuners on a variety of vehicles. Pickups and trucks also use these tuners and work with them with no issues.
Such controllers have a lot of useful features, convenient controls, and high-quality screens. A small color screen fits all the useful and necessary information that you might only need when driving in advanced modes. Tuners also allow you to diagnose and fix incorrect codes affecting the system.
If we make a list of the car features the Bully Dog tuner can influence, it becomes clear that this is a universal and multifunctional device with almost no analogs on the market. Transmission, fuel injection, torque, throttle responsiveness, lighting, and calibration are far from a complete list of parameters controlled through the tuner. The Bully Dog tuners are easy to install, use, and manage, so it makes sense to choose them if you want to control your car’s operation professionally.

Does Bully Dog disable AFM?

General Motors has developed a fuel-saving system on its V8 and V6 engines. The computer can automatically close half of the cylinders to save fuel. Of course, this is an excellent saving system when you do not need additional power and you move in calm conditions. The AFM system is quite useful, but it works automatically and cannot be disabled manually without third-party controllers.
That’s why third-party manufacturers have developed software methods to affect the AGM and disable this feature. With the Bully Dog ​​tuner, you can easily turn off the AGM control system and get a constant power boost. Disabling this function leads to constant fuel consumption and increased power when driving in any conditions, regardless of engine load. Disabling the fuel management system can be useful when towing another vehicle, transporting heavy or oversized objects, or when driving on mountainous terrain. You can enable the AGM function anytime using the tuner, and the car will operate in saving mode again when you need it.

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