General Grabber AT2 Problems

A brand is what each of us pays attention to when choosing any product. And this is not surprising, because in many ways the brand is a kind of quality criterion. And price and quality, as we know, is a universal formula in the choice of any product. Tires in this case are not an exception. As for them, there is no single opinion on the “best” brand. There are indeed many manufacturers.

Optimally selected tires provide good grip, short braking distance and confident driving even in the most unexpected situations. And the situations on the road can be very different, no one is insured against an accident. For this reason, the question of this choice for the car is very, very important.    

Choosing them you should consider season, type of tread, type of tire construction (chamber or tubeless), the type of cord construction, mounting (or seating) diameter, width, section height as well as  load index and speed index.

Is General Grabber a good tire?

As the vehicle moves, the tires absorb vibrations and vibrations caused by road bumps, ensuring the comfort and safety of passengers. Depending on the operating conditions, they can be made from different materials with complex chemical composition and certain physical properties. They may also have different tread patterns to ensure reliable grip on surfaces with different coefficients of friction. By knowing the tire’s construction, the rules of its operation and the causes of premature wear, you will be able to ensure a long service life  and overall driving safety.

The grabber ATX is popular next generation tire that is known for great off-road qualities, durability and balance. It has a three peak mountain snowflake and stud ability to be confident driving in all weather conditions. One of the interesting things about it is that it has got a robust design and materials to provide long even wear and excellent cutting chip durability. Cutting chip durability comes into play if you spend a lot of time on gravel roads because gravels and rocks tend to chew away at the tread pattern but if there are certain compounds there is more resistance to that chipping and cutting. It’s got a larger footprint with optimized pattern stiffness to promote even wearing long tread life.

There is also a little bit of cushioning built into the tire to give you a little bit smoother ride. Another great thing about it is the aggressive sidewall. It allows you to air down this tire in sand or in rocks so that you can get good side grip. Also the way the sidewall is designed allows to keep the sidewall from getting pinched in rocky conditions. So if you’re doing some off-roading and there’s a lot of sharp rocks, it tends to deflect the sharp rocks instead of letting it pinch the sidewall. 

How long do General Grabber at2 last?

In addition to the cut-and chip-resistant shell, it is guaranteed 60,000 miles of tread, which is one of the best results in this branch. AT2 owners also seem very happy with how long it will last and say that they have no problems with uniformity or anything else as long as 40,000 miles of driving.

How many ply is General Grabber at2?

The tire consists of frame, breaker layers, tread and side part. The main task of a truck tread is to ensure maximum traction while minimizing wear. The tread protects the inner components below the carcass. Breaker consists of a few layers of steel cord, laid at a small angle, provides the strength of the tire and stabilizes the plastic cord layer, preventing foreign objects from penetrating into the tire frame. Side parts provide protection for a layer of a cord and maintain influence of a deformation bend of the tire and aggressive influence of external conditions.

Polymer Cord Ply is a layer of radial tire carcass that transfers all the load between the wheel and the road for braking and handling forces, withstanding the impulse loads acting on the tire at operating pressure. Whereas ply reinforcement is a layer of steel straps above the radial cord bend to reinforce and stabilize the transition area between the load side and sidewall.

The General Tire Grabber AT2 10 Ply is designed for summer use and is quickly gaining popularity among owners of powerful crossovers. It is a natural continuation of the General Tire Grabber AT range, which organically fits into the basic concept of the developers. All technical and dynamic characteristics of the model almost fully correspond to the AT tire, with the only difference that the specifics of operation in high speed mode are in the foreground.

What are General Grabber tires?

General Grabber AT is a new generation model in the class of “elite” for off-road vehicles. The well-known brand is undoubtedly the best advertisement for the products offered, and the vast majority of owners of prestigious crossovers are definitely inclined to choose General products.

Strong cord and rim design minimizes the risk of mechanical damage. On top of that, this model guarantees outstanding speed and dynamic performance throughout the service life, which, given the high resistance of the tread to wear, seems to be fantastic.

At the heart of the Grabber AT concept is to make the most of innovative technology, with a strong emphasis on safety. The developers have been able to fully implement their ideas, and the AT model outperforms its predecessors in a number of ways. In particular, the General Grabber AT has a great advantage when braking on slippery road sections.

The tire’s performance is enhanced by the use of flexible steel belts with high tensile strength. The use of silicone rubbers as part of rubber gives it excellent elasticity, which results in excellent damping characteristics.

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