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There are many prejudices about their design, their necessary number, frequency range and in general, the usefulness of this invention for humanity.

Connoisseurs, experts and simply “very knowledgeable people” often consider it preferable to use or not to use this or that technology, others do not want to use a separate bass acoustics. However, the acoustic design of a subwoofer depends on most of its properties, such as loudness, size, midrange and a number of features in sound. Today, it’s common to use structures such as a sealed box, a reflex, a subwoofer with a passive driver and an acoustic maze.

A sealed box is one of the simplest and most effective types of acoustic design for a subwoofer. It has almost all the disadvantages of the phase-inverter type, as well as its advantages. It possesses relatively low efficiency, smooth ACH, large size and weight. However, it does not distort the sound too much. This type is one of the most common among companies specializing in the production of subwoofers. As a rule, closed boxes are popular with critical and demanding music lovers.

F150 subwoofer box supercab

Car acoustics (loudspeaker system, speakers) is designed for sound reproduction in the car interior. The speakers consist of one or more speakers of different frequencies.

The location of the speakers directly affects the sound quality of the music in the car interior. However, regular seats are not the best. For example, for squeakers there are seats in the door panelling, but with this option, a slight stereo effect is achieved.

For maximum effect, the coaxial speaker is mounted at the rear (rear shelf, rear doors), and component – at the front (torpedo, front doors). This arrangement creates surround sound in the interior of the car.

The standard layout is as follows: small tweeters are placed on the torpedo, larger woofers and woofers are placed in the front doors, subwoofer – rear shelf or trunk of the car. However, the woofers and woofers are also mounted on the rear shelf – in this case they and the subwoofer should be at some distance from each other.

There exist the following types of speakers:

  • Mid-range – A midrange delivers frequencies between 250 Hz and 350 Hz and 6000-7000 Hz.
  • A tweeter – a tweeter is designed to deliver the tweeters between 1500 Hz and 2500 Hz and 20,000 to 30,000 Hz.
  • Woofer – A tweeter is capable of producing bass frequencies between 40-60 Hz and 800-1000 Hz.
  • Subwoofer – A subwoofer  delivers bass frequencies from 20 Hz-30 Hz to 400 Hz-600 Hz.
  • Mid-Bass – A speaker that delivers the midrange and bass frequencies (midrange/bass) from 200 Hz to 400 Hz to 3000 Hz to 4000 Hz.
  • Wideband which is a universal speaker.

As for f150 audio system, it comes with 3-way front + lane rear + subwoofer. Acoustics is Crescendo Opus 7B3Way, Crescendo Opus 1 and subwoofer is OEM (Sony). Of course, you can do some upgrades by buying, for example SUPERCREW CAB 09-18 DUAL SUBWOOFER or any other.

2017 f150 supercrew subwoofer box

2017 Ford is equipped with multimedia systems SYNC and SYNC 3 (support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Wi-Fi access point) with 8-inch color MyFord Touch screens, all-around view, Lane-Keeping System, Blind Spot Information System with trailer length, Adaptive Cruise Control with stop-and-go function, Pre-Collision Assist with pedestrian, cyclist and animal detection, premium B&O PLAY (Bang & Olufsen audio system).

OEM ACM series CV4t-19C107 has the ability to include line outputs for subwoofer amplifier on the C240B connector. Some hear the claps when the external subwoofer amplifier is turned off. The clap occurs because of the voltage mismatch between the asymmetric inputs of the external amplifier and the balanced outputs of the standard magnet. The external amplifier is getting a slightly wrong audio signal.

One of the options to solve this problem correctly:

  1. Installing an external amplifier with balanced inputs.
  2. Setting up a balanced receiver in front of the external amplifier.

2019 Ford f150 subwoofer box

To install an aftermarket upgrade for your 2018 f150 you will need a box, a crunch amp and the low profile planet audio speaker. So, you need to pull out a little grommet at first just to see if you can get it through, then just cut a hole in it for the power wire and push it back in after. You are going to use the WPT 1212 Motorcraft connector, but you’re only going to use three wires.

So, you’ll use the remote turn on wire and then the two signal wires for left and right. To find the location of the amplifier you should turn on 10-acre and raise up your back seat. You should run the wire under the carpet over to the other side and through the panel’s all the way to the pocket.

2018 f150 subwoofer box

The list of new options includes a B&O Play audio system and a built-in 4G/LTE access point with Wi-Fi module, to which up to ten devices can be connected simultaneously. The company notes that the uniqueness of B&O Play audio systems lies in the specially selected location of speakers and their adjustment for each model from the Ford line. This ensures optimal sound in the cabin regardless of driving conditions and the location of the listener. However, Ford F150 and Super Duty trucks lack bass. That is why many drivers install kits with subwoofer boxes. The kits are usually made to install a Sony amplifier. You should use existing bolt holes in the truck floor under its rear bench, so you will not need to make up anything else.

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