Ford 6.2 Longevity

The distinctive feature of Ford cars is that they are equally good in all configurations. That’s why they are so popular among millions of people around the world.

Recently these cars have acquired a new look and many innovative features designed to make driving more comfortable. And, for justice sake, specialists managed to do it. Undoubted advantage of Ford cars is their relatively affordable price combined with such high quality. It should be noted that their maintenance is one of the simplest, even despite all the cool devices installed on new models.

  • Variety of model range for any budget and taste. There are offers for people of different categories in the lineup;
  • Reliability, thoroughness, convenient management;
  • Adaptation to different roads.

Undoubtedly, these cars are among top brands in the world and are known for their reliability, power and interesting design. And 6.2 engine can be truly considered one of the most interesting updates.

Is the Ford 6.2 reliable?

The most popular 6.2 Ford model is Ford Raptor. Important details include enlarged double-valve cylinder heads that boast better combustion quality, various engine timing controls with an overhead camshaft and overhead valves. Originally the engineers wanted four valve heads, but they would have been too large for the existing F-Series engine bay.

Raptor uses its own version of the 6.2-litre engine, which uses its unique cam with identical circuits, but separates the inlet and exhaust valves for a longer period of time for more power. In addition, the 8-cylinder engine has an electric radiator fan (instead of a crank) and a special program to control the engine of the highest class.

Almost all suspension components have been modified to fit the new engine. Engineers have changed the spring stiffness ratio and the action of the internal bypass damper to ensure that there is no excessive lift when the car power is increased.

Power comes from a 6R80 gearbox, transfer case, 4.11 and 9-inch rear axle set. Electronic control gives the driver the opportunity to better control the “hardware” of the car, including sports mode for stability control system and a special set for off-road. In addition, the rear axle is electrically locked, which functions in the front and all-wheel drive kit. The standard automatic downhill stability control system works in all drive kits, providing fully automatic “speed control” for safe downhill slopes. In addition to the additional 101 hp, the Raptor with its 6.2-litre engine is virtually identical to a conventional truck. On the road, the suspension is very soft, the car literally flies over the asphalt, regardless of its condition, and never gets out of control.

Is the Ford 6.2 a good motor?

The original Raptor was only a basic model. It was replaced by a new Raptor, with a 6.2-liter V-8 engine, the most powerful engine of all the half-ton pickups. 

The 6.2 liter V-8 engine with an overhead camshaft is capable of producing 411 hp and 434 lb-ft of torque. In addition to the Raptor, the 6.2-liter V-8 engine can be found under the hood of the new 2011 F-Series Super Duty, where its power is slightly less – 385 hp at 405 pounds per foot of torque. What else works well with the 6.2 litre V-8 engine is the special “Off-Road” mode.

Connected at the touch of a button, this mode changes the throttle position of the engine in such a way that the Raptor has the same receptivity as a racing car (instead of putting on power at the beginning and reducing it to zero at the end as a normal car). Off-Road mode also changes gearshifting moments, allowing you to maintain gear and avoid shifting to a higher gear after releasing the throttle at high speeds. In addition, in order to maintain high speeds, the sixth gear is locked out when switching to the Off-Road mode. Compared to a 5.4-litre pickup truck, the Raptor, which is equipped with a 6.2-litre V-8 engine, is a more optimally balanced mixture of power and sophistication, manifested both on the road and off-road.

When did Ford 6.2 come out?

In 2011 the 6.2 L V8 was presented in Ford Super Duty pickups. It replaced the 5.4 L Triton V8 and the 6.8 L Triton V10. This engine is also available in the F-150 as the premium engine option, however it is not offered in all configurations.

How many miles does an f250 gas last?

Of course, everything depends on how well a vehicle is maintained and driven.  An average gas powered vehicle can run up to 200,000 miles with original glow plugs and no engine overhaul. However, when properly maintained it can last up to 500,000 miles.

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