Ford F-150 Cabin Air Filter

The ground layer in large cities is saturated with exhaust, industrial emissions and other substances. For example, the air in capital cities has increased levels of nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde and benzapyrene. On the highways, the concentration of trash is significantly higher. There is nothing to say about standing in the hours of summer traffic jams in full silence or in the tunnels that turn into gas chambers. Air elements allow you to maintain some degree of health by keeping soot particles, sand and dust, and in the case of more “advanced” elements, which will be discussed below, harmful substances and allergens.

Does f150 have cabin air filter?

Replacing it with a Ford F-150 is a standard maintenance operation for the Ford F-150. It is made to clean the air entering the interior from sand, dust particles, as well as various inclusions of biological origin. Among the reasons affecting the service life of the cabin filter is quality of roads on which the vehicle is operated and the quality of a purifying element. Cabin filters for Ford F-150 are of two types: ordinary and coal.

  • The usual one is capable to catch particles of soot, rubber, pollen of plants, heavy flying connections.
  • The cabin charcoal one, unlike the usual one, can trap the smallest particles up to 1 micron. First of all it concerns the most dangerous compounds – nitrogen oxides, sulphur, substances of benzene, phenol and other groups. When they are combined with coal, they are absorbed or captured by harmful substances with partial neutralization. The only disadvantage of the coal element is its price. If you value your health and the health of your loved ones – coal cabin filter is your choice.

Most models of f150 come with an installed filter. However, there are some models like the 2005Ford that either do not have it or come as an aftermarket kit. At present, the Ford F-150 can use single and multi-layer ones.

  • Single-layer consists of a dense fabric and is the easiest device to clean air. The advantage of using it is its cheapness, and the disadvantages include low quality of filtration.
  • Multilayer elements consist of several elements, between which is activated carbon. It is the use of microfibers together with a special charcoal cloth that allows maximum cleaning of the air passing through. Among the disadvantages of such elements is their high dynamic resistance to the incoming flow, which increases the load on the ventilation system.

Does a 2017 Ford f150 have a cabin air filter?

 Ford f150 2017 is equipped with a highly durable and reliable interior air filter that helps reduce particles that get into the vehicle’s interior for more comfort.  However, sometimes it is hard to find. In this model the element is standard and you can find it behind the glove compartment.

Does a 97 f150 have a cabin filter?

Unfortunately, a 97 f150 does not have it installed. It is an option in all 97+ models. However, if you have a 97+, there is a panel under the glove compartment. It is easy to find it under that panel.

How do you change the cabin air filter on a 2017 Ford f150?

It purifies street air entering the passenger compartment from dust and other pollutants. Timely replacement allows you to travel with maximum comfort.  Smoke from the exhaust pipe of an old bus riding in front, unpleasant smells near livestock facilities, as well as the entire palette of urban street smells do not penetrate into the car thanks to a good cabin filter.

It is replaced at different time intervals for different machines. Operating conditions play a key role in this regard. When the car is driven on clean roads and in clean outside air, the cabin filter must be changed less frequently. Conversely, if you drive frequently on country roads, forest roads, where dust is lifted by a pole, as well as in industrial areas with polluted air, the element will be clogged more often.

On average, city residents change the air filter every 15-20 thousand runs. But if there are signs that it is already clogged, it will be replaced without being tied to the mileage. It is better to pass the diagnostics beforehand to make sure that the problem is only in it.

There is also an opinion that it is better to change it twice a year. The first replacement is better in spring, because in summer air conditioner is used more actively, and it is good if fresh air is supplied to the salon. The second replacement is recommended in autumn. During the summer, the filter manages to accumulate a lot of dust, which somewhat blocks the supply of warm air into the interior, which is relevant for the cold season.

When replacing an old filter you need to check where it should be installed, the position to the airflow direction and its type. When you do the replacement in the Ford F-150, it is very important to set the correct position in relation to the direction of airflow. The required direction of airflow is indicated by an arrow and is labeled “AIR FLOW”. The cabin filter is inserted into a special cassette.

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