Ford F150 Leaf Spring Recall

Not all cars are equipped with them, most often these are SUVs and cargo models, and use springs on trailers. In addition to 4-leaf springs, there are 5, 7, 9-leaf models.

If you want to strengthen the suspension of your trailer it is worth to choose a leaf spring a few sheets more than it was originally. Let’s say, the worse the quality of the roads you drive on, the more reliable the suspension should be equipped with a vehicle. Separate sheets are not sold, but go in the standard parameters of each model.

All leaf springs have similar characteristics and differ only in load capacity. They are presented in the form of metal arched sheets, different lengths, superimposed on each other. The longest sheet is the top sheet, it is attached to the car platform and all have the same length. The difference is the number of subsequent sheets.

Springs are connected to each other by two metal brackets on both sides and an M-8 bolt in the middle. In the front part there is a pressed secondary bushing, which is recommended to be replaced regularly. It is designed to take into account the loaded and unloaded condition of the car. Only the top two plates work with an empty body to ensure that the trailer is not rigid, ensuring a soft, smooth ride.

There are also variants with sileneblock on the rear structure. The front end of the spring is attached with a powerful bolt to the eye of the bushing. The middle is fixed with bolts and plates to the beam. If the rear end is floating, the gap must be maintained in the fixing element. Lubricant should be applied periodically between the first and second leaflets to reduce friction.

Does my Ford f150 have a recall?

There are many questions associated with the recall of vehicles. What is the procedure, why it is carried out, how to benefit from its use, and what were the largest recalls in history. All of these questions are quite complex, ambiguous and are quite important.

Many manufacturers today resort to the possibility of withdrawing their machines for various reasons. These can be engine faults as well as problems with the peripheral system, poor performance of the safety and driving options. Different tasks make companies spend huge amounts of money on recall. It all starts with the fact that the corporation reveals a certain frequent car malfunction. This is done with the help of dealer reports, which conduct official maintenance. After repair or replacement of one of the units, the company sends a notification to the manufacturer with a report, and if there are too many such reports, the manufacturer is forced to react.

If you want to check your vehicle for recalls and field service actions, you should type in  your 17-digit VIN and the system will display the results.

How do I know if my leaf springs are bad on my truck?

In the event of a spring breakage, it is important to identify the fault as early as possible in order to be able to correct it in time. To understand that springs need to be replaced, the following signs are helpful:

  • reduced vehicle clearance, visible to the naked eye;
  • changes in wheel installation angles and wheel tilt;
  • uneven wear of the tread;
  • deviation of the vehicle from straight-line traffic;
  • the appearance of vibration, which gives off to the steering wheel;
  • swinging of the vehicle when performing various manoeuvres;
  • the appearance of a knock or metal grinding on the suspension side.

If part of these signs occurs in a particular case, be sure to contact the service station.

What Ford trucks are being recalled?

The American car manufacturer Ford Motor Co. recalls more than 240 thousand cars, including SUVs, around the world due to suspension defects. Problems have arisen because research has shown that frequent tremors and the range of rebound of the entire suspension on rough roads can increase the bending stress on the levers of rear wheel descent adjustment, which can lead to the formation of cracks on these components. 

Cracks on the Restart Adjustment Lever increase the risk of accidents while driving. The campaign covers Ford Flex, Taurus SHO and Lincoln MKT, which were produced between 2013 and 2018. The majority of these vehicles are in North America.

Can you put f250 leaf springs on a f150?

Suspension on your car is not a fundamentally complex engineering design. Almost every car enthusiast knows what a spring consists of. Usually these are sheets of special steel of different lengths, which are fixed with clamps. In passenger cars, it is most often fixed under the bridge, and in trucks – above it. The ends are connected to the body by hinges. A car leaf spring transfers the load to the undercarriage from the body or frame. There are also designs where the leaf spring works on a bend like an elastic beam. Usually several sheets are used in it.

But recently there has been a trend towards more frequent use of monolithic ones. In such constructions a big role is given to shock absorbers, which seriously help to damp down vibrations of the body. The compatibility of f150 and f250 depends on the specific vehicle. For example, 2 wheel drive F150 has a 2 1/2 ” wide spring, and if you own a 4X4  F250, it has a 3″ wide one. However, it is possible to take the pack apart in order to give it more leaves.

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