Best Two-Stroke Oils for Motorcycles in 2020

The main feature of two-stroke oils is that to provide the necessary lubrication, they must be mixed with fuel in a certain proportion. As a result, the oil partially combusts with gasoline, providing an additional volume of exhaust gas. For this reason, there are a number of special oils that minimize smoke and soot formation due to special additives. The best 2-stroke oil is always the one with low exhaust emissions.

Modern oils are highly efficient and can be diluted in a relatively small proportion. Thus, for complete engine protection, you need a little oil. Usually, the recommended proportion is 50/1. In addition, it’s essential to consider the composition of motorcycle oils, which are most often purely synthetic or semi-synthetic. The latter are more common.

If the engine is exposed to heavy loads, as in the case of racing motorcycles, special synthetic oils, designed for racing engines, are the best.

List of Top-Rated Two-Stroke Oil for Motorcycles and Off-Road Vehicles

Motul 800 2T Factory Line 100% Synthetic Off Road 2-Stroke Engine Oil 4L (104039)Motul 800 2T Factory Line Road RacingSynthetic
Red Line 40605 2-Stroke Race OilRed Line 40605 2-Stroke Race OilSynthetic
Lucas Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil (10115)Lucas Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil (10115)Semi-Synthetic
Maxima Castor 927Maxima Castor 927Semi-Synthetic
Briggs & Stratton 2-Cycle Easy Mix Motor OilBriggs & Stratton 2-Cycle Easy Mix Motor OilSemi-Synthetic

Reviews of the Best Two-Stroke Oil for Motorcycles and Off-Road Vehicles

Motul 800 2T Factory Line 100% Synthetic Off Road 2-Stroke Engine Oil 4L (104039)

Motul 800 2T Factory Line 100% Synthetic Off Road 2-Stroke Engine Oil 4L (104039)

Motul 800 2T engine oil is a synthetic substance for 2-stroke engines. It has been designed especially for motorcycles and boats that require reliable motor protection. This oil improves the performance of the engine and provides its full protection. Motul 800 2T effectively cleans the engine’s insides and exhaust valves, prevents clogging, and eliminates harmful deposits. This oil has excellent viscosity, allowing it to stay functional in all weather conditions.

As for the numbers, the total viscosity index of Motul 800 2T is 140. The oil evenly coats the engine, reducing its wear under heavy loads that can be extremely harmful to motorcycles. It does not matter what fuel is used in the engine – the oil will do a great job! Its kinematic viscosity at 212F remains at 19.2, although many engines do not operate at this temperature.


  • Improves engine performance
  • Protects the engine from clogging
  • Reduces internal engine wear
  • Excellent viscosity (heat protection)
  • Suitable for all kinds of fuel


  • Manufacturer: Motul
  • Capacity: 4 liters
  • Oil type: synthetic
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs

Motul 800 T2 is high-quality oil, produced in France, designed to save the engine from overheating and keep it clean. The oil is sold in unique 4-liter black gallons, which are quite enough for using the oil for quite a long time. The oil is perfect for two- and four-wheeled crossroad vehicles, cruisers, and street bikes.  

What does “premix only” mean?

Oil in two-stroke engines must be mixed with fuel in a certain proportion, specified by the manufacturer. After that, the combustible mixture is poured into the tank. In this wa1y, the oil partially burns and protects the engine during operation.

Red Line 40605 2-Stroke Race Oil, 1 Gallon, 1 Pack

Red Line 40605 2-Stroke Race Oil, 1 Gallon, 1 Pack

The Red Line’s 40605 oil for two-stroke engines is a fully synthetic non-toxic oil. It has excellent cleaning properties and can significantly extend the life of a motorcycle engine. The oil can be used in fuel-injected engines as a pre-cooked mixture. It increases the performance by about 5%, which is quite impressive for synthetic engine oil.

The manufacturer recommends diluting it at a 50/1 ratio, although, it can run well at 100/1. The flashpoint is at 201F. The oil has impressive antioxidizing properties and high-temperature stability, which provides effective engine protection from overheating and premature wear. Plus, it also removes deposits and can be used with different types of fuel.


  • Increases performance by up to 5%
  • Stable at high temperatures
  • Eliminates any deposits in the engine
  • Used as a premixture and in fuel-injected engines


  • Manufacturer: Red Line
  • Canister capacity: 3,785 liters
  • Oil type: synthetic
  • Parcel weight: 7 pounds

Red Line oil can be used in various machinery with two-stroke engines – apart from motorcycles, the list also includes snowmobiles, quads, and motorboats. The oil is used equally in injection systems, as well as a pre-mixture. One gallon of the oil is 3.785 liters and is easily recognized by a bright red finish with the Red Line inscription.

It’s a high-quality synthetic oil in a convenient gallon, at an affordable price, which will increase the bike engine’s performance and protect the engine at any load.

What is the right proportion for oil and gasoline for street bikes?

If your engine is heavily loaded frequently, it’s better not to save on oil. The highest oil productivity is achieved when diluted at a 50/1 ratio.

Lucas Oil 10115 Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil – 1 Gallon Jug

Lucas Oil 10115 Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil - 1 Gallon Jug

Lucas 2-Cycle Oil is a technological product to reduce engine part friction and its wear. The main feature of this product is pure exhaust fumes – the oil virtually does not create smoke and helps to reduce soot from the engine work processes. Lucas 10115 is based on polybutene, mineral oil, and a special set of additives for smoke reduction. The oil minimizes deposit accumulation and provides full protection for two-stroke engines. Most often, this oil is used with oil injection systems. However, it can be used for premixing. The ideal ratio is 50/1 (oil/fuel).    


  • Reduces soot emission
  • Does not contribute to smoke formation
  • Eliminates harmful sediments
  • Used primarily with injectors


  • Manufacturer: Lucas Oil
  • Gallon capacity: 3,785 liters
  • Oil type: semi-synthetic
  • Gallon weight: 14.4 ounces

Lucas 10115 is an excellent semi-synthetic oil for bikes, which does not form smoke during combustion. For this reason, it’s often called “smokeless.” It’s suitable for many motorcycles and two-stroke engine vehicles that are driven on rough terrains.

What is the difference between synthetic and semi-synthetic oils in terms of efficiency?

Synthetic oils are more productive in terms of lubrication and substance stability. They clean the engine quite well and significantly reduce friction. Semi-synthetic oils better protect the engine from deposits and minimize the formation of harmful deposits.

Maxima (23964) Castor 927 2-Stroke Premix Racing Oil – 64 oz.

Maxima (23964) Castor 927 2-Stroke Premix Racing Oil - 64 oz.

Maxima oil is specially designed for racing motorcycles. It withstands extreme loads and contains effective additives, which clean the engine and protect it from corrosion. The oil literally cleans the cylinders from the inside and does not increase exhaust fumes. At the same time, old harmful deposits are dissolved. The engine oil is suitable for racing motorcycles that use gasoline with high lead content. As for the temperature range, the oil has high-temperature stability. Separation of the substance can take place at temperatures below 35F, which should be considered, as well as the fact that this oil is not suitable for injection systems. It should be diluted with fuel and poured into the tank.


  • Better protection against corrosion
  • Cleans the system from harmful formations
  • High-temperature stability
  • Suitable for fuel with high lead content


  • Manufacturer: Maxima
  • Gallon capacity: 64 ounces
  • Oil type: semi-synthetic
  • Gallon weight: 4.2 pounds

Maxima (23964) Castor 927 2-Stroke Premix Racing Oil was designed by leading specialists. It has been produced in the USA for over 40 years. During this time, it has managed to form a unique semi-synthetic formula, which allows effective engine protection in racing motorcycles, as well as unleashing their full potential. The oil meets the highest quality standards and is used in motorcycles exposed to extreme loads. The product is sold in a black branded gallons with a capacity of 64 ounces.

Is oil suitable for fuel with high alcohol content?

Basically, oil can be used with gasoline with high alcohol content, although, additional oil may be required. Oil can be separated from the substance if it has been mixed with alcohol-containing gasoline with high methane nitro content. These are the main features of using Maxima oil with such fuel.



Husqvarna HP (High Performance) 2-Stroke oil for motorcycles is a synthetic mixture with special additives, which ensure the smooth running of the engine. Due to oil’s high efficiency, its lubricating and cleaning properties, the engine life is significantly extended, even at extreme loads. At low temperatures, the oil provides reliable engine protection as it does not freeze. Plus, Husqvarna HP prevents the engine from overheating.

This product is designed for blending with gasoline and direct fuel tank filling. Such a mixture does not produce excessive smoke and reduces the amount of soot. Thanks to special additives, the oil provides excellent engine lubrication, has great physical specs, and is not separated from the fuel even at extreme temperatures.


  • Significantly extends the life of two-stroke engines
  • Excellent lubrication and cleaning properties
  • Safe engine operation at low temperatures
  • High stability


  • Manufacturer: Husqvarna
  • Gallon capacity: 76.9 ml
  • Oil type: semi-synthetic
  • Gallon weight: 1.25 pounds

The oil should be diluted with the main mass of gasoline at a 50/1 ratio. Husqvarna designed a versatile and reliable oil for two-stroke motorcycle engines that protects and cleans them at all levels. The oil minimizes harmful emissions and reduces soot and smoke levels. The synthetic-based oil is produced with special branded additives in Sweden.

Is this oil available in bigger gallons?

The set includes six 77-ml gallons of oil. The manufacturer also offers other sets with bigger gallons.

How does the oil handle low-quality gas?

Numerous tests and customer testimonials have shown that the oil retains its properties and works great with mediocre fuels that have a low octane number.  

Briggs & Stratton 2-Cycle Easy Mix Motor Oil – 16 Oz. 100036

Briggs & Stratton 2-Cycle Easy Mix Motor Oil - 16 Oz. 100036

Briggs & Stratton is a simple and effective two-stroke oil for motorcycles and cars. This oil is a mixture of synthetic and mineral components that effectively eliminate dirt and combustion residues. The oil has a special formula designed to minimize exhaust fumes and soot. It washes away decomposition leftovers and deposits in the engine system, significantly extending its life. This versatile oil stabilizes fuel and improves engine performance.


  • Eliminates clogging in the engine system
  • Reduces exhaust emissions
  • Minimizes soot
  • Fuel-efficient oil


  • Manufacturer: Briggs & Stratton
  • Gallon capacity: 0.48 liters
  • Oil type: semi-synthetic
  • Weight: 15.2 ounces

The oil is perfect for two-stroke engines with increased deposit content. Briggs & Stratton 100036 will effectively deal with elimination and return the engine to its normal condition. Special additives in the oil are added to reduce smoke in the exhaust. For proper use, the oil must be diluted with fuel at the appropriate ratio. The mixture can be prepared as quickly and easily as possible. The Briggs & Stratton oil is sold in a transparent 0.48-l white gallon.

What reduces exhausts when using this oil?

Oils that reduce the amount of exhaust are called “ashless.” The reduction of exhaust gases is achieved through special synthetic additives, which do not contribute to the formation of smoke when burning. Of course, the amount of exhaust itself is not reduced but the amount of soot and smoke, in general, is significantly reduced. 


Modern oils, compared to those produced a few years ago, show much higher performance and reliably maintain two-stroke engines. Different oils are suitable for racing motorcycles and regular passenger cars. Red Line oils are believed to be the best for racing bikes. For a street bike, semi-synthetic oils by Maxima or Briggs & Stratton are quite good. For racing vehicles, the best ratio is 32/1. For casual riding, the best ratio is 50/1.

Special attention should be paid to oils that reduce exhaust emissions. Smokeless oil reduces the amount of smoke and soot, as well as perfectly cleans the internal system of the bike. In addition, most oils can be used for fuel mixtures, as well as in automatic injection systems. When mixing oil, make sure to stick to manufacturer recommendations.

Frequently asked question

What is the best 2-stroke oil for motocross?

The best motocross oil is racing oil by Red Line (USA). It’s fully synthetic, high-performance oil, which not only protects two-stroke engines but also significantly increases their power. According to numerous tests, engine power increases by 3-5%. The excellent detergent properties of this synthetic oil and its stability allow extreme engine loads.

The Red Line oil can be diluted or used in oil injection systems. An optimal dilution ratio is 50/1, although, in some cases, a 100/1 ratio makes sense. For this reason, when traveling on rough terrains or at high engine loads, it’s worth choosing an oil from this manufacturer.

What is the best 2-stroke mix ratio?

Most oil providers create high-quality oils and recommend diluting them in a 50/1 ratio, which is optimal in terms of engine protection and high performance. However, there are other oil/fuel ratios, which also have their advantages.

A few years earlier, 2-stroke oils were designed for 20/1 ratios. With modern oils, such numbers will lead to lower engine performance. High-quality oils imply lighter dilution. If you ride a speedy bike, you can try a 40/1 ration. If you have a racing bike, most riders will tell you to stick to a 32/1 ratio. If you’re in doubt, you can use a special table that is available on the official Briggs & Stratton site.

In some cases, a 100/1 ratio is possible, although it has nothing to do with performance. Such fuel/oil proportion does not allow to reliably protect the engine from wear and harmful deposits – it’s just an eco-friendly solution that is most commonly used for two-stroke engines on boats in ecological areas (rivers, seas, oceans, etc).

What oil should I use for my 2-stroke dirt bike?

Oil manufacturers offer a lot of oils for two-stroke engines, especially for enduro and dirt bikes. These oils perfectly protect their engines and increase performance. The oils are usually diluted with fuel and injected directly into fuel tanks but can also be used in oil injection systems in some dirt bikes.

If you own a racing motorcycle, Instead of regular mineral oils, you should use synthetic oils, which are an excellent solution. For example, the Red Line oil is a great option – it’s designed specifically for extreme engine loads. Lucas Oil production, i.e. semi-synthetic or purely synthetic Motul 800 2T, is also a great choice for most dirt bikes.

What happens if you mix too much oil in a 2-stroke?

Mixing oil with fuel is a necessary procedure for the proper operation of two-stroke engines. The correct proportion of oil and gasoline ensures engine performance and its protection. If there’s too much oil, it can lead to a number of negative consequences.

First, the excessive amount of oil in the fuel will definitely provoke increased exhaust emissions, even if the “smokeless” oil is used.

Secondly, the oil can cause poor engine start (especially at cold starts) or problems with engine operation due to the increased fuel density, so you don’t want to mix too much oil.

Thirdly, in some cases, with increased oil content, you may run into carbon deposit formation. All these effects are caused by excessive semi-synthetic oil concentration in fuel. The best ratio is 50/1, except for racing motorcycles.

Is 2-stroke oil and 2-cycle oil the same?

Two-stroke engine oil can have different markings but it’s intended only for this type of engine. 2-cycle, T2, or 2-stroke oil are the same oils. That’s why there is no reason to worry about getting the wrong oil.

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