Best Motorcycle Air Ride System

How does Best Motorcycle Air Ride System work?

Air suspension has become popular due to the ease of adaptation of shock absorbers to the road relief. It is also the most eco-friendly spring that can be found today in the spare parts market. The best motorcycle air ride system is equipped with a reliable and powerful compressor that has a crucial role in comfort and safety. The durability and coverage of air springs also determine the efficiency of suppressing vibration when driving. The air suspension on the rear wheels allows you to imitate the Softail air ride system.

Motorcycle Air Ride vs. Shocks

The main advantage of using air suspension is the simplicity, low cost, and environmental friendliness. Stock absorbers work using a mechanical principle. Vibrations are canceled with stiff metal springs. As a rule, they have significant weight and require high-quality coatings. That’s why the cost of classic shock absorbers can exceed the prices of pneumatic systems. You can find affordable analogs to expensive pneumatic systems such as skully air ride on the third-party market.

This article will help you understand how air suspension works; however, we will not do legend air suspension reviews. There are many advantages of using air compression in the damper system. It allows you to have control over stiffness and change the level of shock compensation depending on movement conditions.

List of Top-Rated Motorcycle Air Ride System

Feuling 1009 TCT-MOTORPARTS TCTUS2906C94-NEW1994-2019min: 24.5 cm
max: 36 cm
View on Amazon
Feuling 1009 XFMT Adjustable Rear Air Ride Suspension Kit 1971994-2020min: 24.5 cm
max: 36 cm
View on Amazon
S&S Cycle 33-5076 Harley Davidson HD1RA1994-2019min: 24.5 cm
max: 36 cm
View on Amazon
Andrews 212620 XFMT Air Ride Suspension Kit Set C94188-011994-2020min: 24.5 cm
max: 36 cm
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Andrews 212620 XFMT Rear Shocks Absorber XFMT-CMX-17A-US2009-2016min: 24.5 cm
max: 36 cm
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Reviews of the Best Motorcycle air ride system


Rear Air Ride Suspension + Air TankC94-01-MTCheck Price
Rear Air Ride Suspension SetTCTUS2906C94-NEWCheck Price

This air suspension system is designed for Harley-Davidson Electra Glide motorcycle models so that the rider literally feels up in the air while riding. The suspension system provides the most smooth shock absorbing, which makes the ride much more enjoyable. You can adjust the softening level by changing the pressure intensity using a compressor, which is also included in the kit.

The system’s design allows you to move even without pressure in the springs, without fear that the shock absorbers can wear out, or that the motorcycle body may begin to rub against the tire. So, springs can be used in an extremely compressed position. This allows you to make your bike about 3 inches lower and get a sporty mode while increasing maneuverability and comfort when driving at high speed.


  • precise suspension height adjustment
  • nickel fittings
  • a complete set for the installation of air suspension
  • suitable for a wide range of Harley-Davidson Electra Glide motorcycles
  • installation instructions are already included


  • minimum length – 24.5 cm
  • maximum length – 36 cm
  • installation position: rear wheels
  • manufacturer – TCT-MOTORPARTS

The kit includes two air springs with all the necessary connection units and wires, as well as a valve assembly in the form of a compressor. It will ensure a comfortable ride as it smooths even the most massive bumps and potholes. Small vibrations are barely noticeable when using the TCT-MOTORPARTS air suspension system.

Can I use some other air compressor with this kit?

– It is not necessary. The pump included in the kit works fine, and the manufacturer does not recommend using another air compressor.

XFMT Adjustable Rear Air Ride Suspension Kit 197

XFMT Adjustable Rear Air Ride Suspension Kit 197
Air Ride Suspension197Check Price
Electric Center Stand6C188-BCheck Price
Electric Center Stand W/ Air Ride SuspensionXFMT-CMX-17A-USCheck Price

The new dirty air ride kit from a third-party manufacturer, XFMT, is designed to replace factory rear springs. The air support system is highly effective in suppressing intense vibrations during high-speed rides. You don’t have to worry about the strong impulses with this air suspension system. Nickel-plated metal shock absorbers provide reliable performance and resistance to mechanical influences.

The airflow compressor allows you to dynamically adjust the pressure in the system and absorb the shock of various intensities. At maximum pressure, the rear suspension reaches a length of 36 cm. If you want to ride in a sporty mode and increase maneuverability, you can use the system in the lowest possible position with no pressure in the compressor. In this position, the springs are 24.5 cm long. This position can make your motorbike several inches lower compared to regular stock shock absorbers.


  • effective vibration reduction system
  • reliable design of air springs
  • instructions included


  • for motorcycles released from 1994 to 2020
  • highest position – 36 cm
  • the most lowered position is 24.5 cm
  • the kit includes: springs, compressor, wires, connection nodes, instructions
  • manufacturer – XFMT

This air suspension kit has its advantages over standard shock absorbers. It should be installed if you want more subtle control over the suspension. Of course, not everyone likes the air suspension, but if you have never used such a system, you should try and check its advantages.

How to connect all the elements correctly?

– The kit includes instructions from the manufacturer for installing and connecting the air suspension system. To do everything correctly, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you are not sure that you can do everything yourself, it is better to contact some special service.

XFMT Adjustable Rear Air Ride Suspension Kit 197

Harley Davidson HD1RA

Harley Davidson HD1RA

This motorcycle pneumatic rear suspension kit is created by Strutmasters. This company specializes in the design and manufacture of productive vehicle suspensions. Harley Davidson’s pneumatic rear system kit includes custom shock absorbers made specifically for your motorcycle. Thus, you get the most productive and reliable springs.

By installing air shock absorbers, you get the opportunity to adjust the stiffness using the pressure level in the system. In general, this set of springs is designed to imitate sport suspension. This gives more comfort when driving at high speeds. This way, the motorcycle also becomes more manageable. In terms of quality and reliability, this kit is extremely similar to the expensive jnr air ride.


  • provides smooth ride and full control over the system of shock mitigation
  • Designed specifically for motorcycles
  • extremely easy installation


  • Two air springs, connecting parts, and instructions included
  • system weight – 10 pounds
  • manufacturer – Strutmasters

Please note that the compressor is not included in the kit. This means that you also need to pick up an air compressor in order to use the air suspension. In fact, any powerful pump designed for Harley Davidson motorcycles with air springs will be compatible.

What is the maximum lift height provided by the pneumatic shock absorbers?

– The set is created specifically for each bike, depending on the customer’s requirements, so it is hard to say the exact dimensions and height.

XFMT Air Ride Suspension Kit Set C94188-01

XFMT Air Ride Suspension Kit Set C94188-01
Air Ride Suspension KitC94188-01Check Price
Air Ride Suspension with Air Tank06C94-ASCheck Price
Air Ride Suspension& Air Tank& Center StandC94188-01Check Price
Air Shocks06C94-ASCheck Price
Air TankC94188-01Check Price

If the stock shock absorbers can not cope with the vibration suppression effectively enough, you should try this pneumatic shock absorption system from XFMT-moto-part. An air spring control system allows you to customize the springs for yourself and your riding style. By adjusting the pressure level in the system, you can achieve greater rigidity during high-speed driving or increase the amplitude of shock absorption when driving over rough terrain. The flexibility of damping control is the main advantage of this air suspension kit for your motorcycle’s rear wheel.

Each part of the set is made of quality alloys. This improves the durability of the springs. A powerful air supply compressor provides a quick response to road conditions and allows you to adjust the pressure depending on the movements.


  • a complete set for installing air suspension
  • high-quality parts
  • easy installation according to the instructions
  • suitable for many Harley Davidson motorcycles


  • for motorcycles released from 1994 to 2020
  • maximum height – 36 cm
  • minimum height is 24.5 cm
  • manufacturer brand – XFMT-moto-part

Air suspension can be installed on all Electra Street Road Glide motorbikes providing you a comfortable ride in any road conditions. You can use springs at both maximum and minimum heights, without worrying that the tire or springs can be damaged.

Is there a warranty on the kit, can it be returned?

– The store provides a standard warranty for the air suspension kit. However, the returns are not accepted.

XFMT Air Ride Suspension Kit Set C94188-01

XFMT Rear Shocks Absorber XFMT-CMX-17A-US

XFMT Rear Shocks Absorber XFMT-CMX-17A-US
Air Ride Suspension197Check Price
Electric Center Stand6C188-BCheck Price
Electric Center Stand W/ Air Ride SuspensionXFMT-CMX-17A-USCheck Price

The set above is designed to modernize the motorcycle suspension and the support stand. The support stand is made of stainless steel and aluminum. The motorcycle stand has an electrical power train and allows you to quickly and conveniently lock the motorcycle when parking. In this case, the bike does not tilt to the side.

The suspension system consists of two springs with air compression and a special supercharger, which provide flexibility in adjusting the shock absorption. Using the pneumatic damping system, you can control the air compression and suspension stiffness. The air system for suppressing shock and vibration copes with any bumps on the road.


  • rear wheels air suspension and the support stand
  • manuals are included
  • simple installation and connection process
  • makes the bike 3 inches lower compared to stock springs


  • complete set of rear suspension and support stand
  • for models released from 2009 to 2016
  • spring height – 36 cm
  • height with a maximum compression – 24.5 centimeters
  • manufacturer company – XFMT

This set is suitable for those who strive for maximum comfort when driving in different conditions in the city and off-road. The pneumatic suspension system provides more flexible control over the effectiveness of vibration reduction. The electric support stand is designed to provide stability when parking a motorcycle. It is reliable and can be activated easily without additional efforts.

How to install an electric step shell without instructions?

– The installation of a support system is simple. You need to fix it under the motorcycle using the mounts and connect it to the motorcycle’s electrical system. You can do this in your garage in a few minutes. If you need instructions, you can try to find a manual on the Internet.


In terms of price and quality, the best rear air suspension kit is the system from XFMT. It provides high-quality springs and compressors that cope with the strongest vibrations on various Harley Davidson motorcycles. Strutmasters offers more expensive and custom air springs. This is a kind of DIY motorcycle air ride because it allows you to adapt the system to your requirements and riding style. These springs are easy to install. Pneumatic shock absorbers can be used with a suitable compressor designed to work on air suspension motorcycles.

Frequently asked question

What is the best air ride system for Harley?

The best rear air suspension system on the market is XFMT. The company makes high-quality metal parts with a nickel coating and provides complete sets with all the necessary installation and connection details. They usually include air springs for the rear wheels and a powerful air compressor, which ensures the reliability of the entire system.
The advantage of this kit is that its installation does not require any special skills. In addition, it fits many Harley motorcycle models, including Legend air ride systems. Other manufacturers also offer good systems, but this manufacturer creates an optimal suspension in terms of quantity, quality of parts and price.

How does air ride work on a motorcycle?

The air suspension is popular among many motorcycle enthusiasts for obvious reasons. It has its drawbacks, but the advantages you get lead many motorcyclists to use the air suspension. Its operation is based on compressed air, which is supplied by the compressor to the air springs. The air compression ratio provides the necessary level of suspension stiffness and allows you to get the desired result when driving in various conditions. The lower the pressure in the shock absorber, the lower it sags, and the stronger impacts are absorbed. Some air suspension systems allow you to use it without pressure, which helps to “press” the motorcycle to the road surface. This function is suitable for driving at high speed on good road surfaces.

How do you put a front air ride on a Harley?

The front air suspension is put in place of the standard motorcycle fork. To perform this procedure, it is better to approach a specialized service; however, you can also install it in your garage. In fact, all you should do is remove the front springs by unscrewing the mounts, and then fix the new air springs to the same principle. After that, you need to connect a compressor for supplying compressed air to the shock absorption system. Typically, manufacturers provide step-by-step instructions for you to install the springs on any motorcycle without any problems.

What is airlift suspension?

Air suspension is a cushioning support system that uses compressed air under high pressure, not standard metal springs. The degree of air compression affects the level of depreciation. The amplitude of the spring travel can be controlled using a pneumatic system. The air supplied to the shock absorber is compressed by a special compressor pump that captures ordinary air and transfers it to the springs. The efficiency of the entire air suspension depends on the compressor’s power and the quality of the air shock absorbers. Such a system can be installed on both the rear and front wheels.

How do I install Air Ride on Harley?

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