Best Motorcycle Driving Lights

The lighting on the motorcycle should be bright, but it should not blind other drivers. That’s why motorcycle headlights usually have little power compared to car ones. Best motorcycle driving lights typically have the power within 40 watts. This is often the combined power from each motorcycle led headlight bulb.

Almost all motorcycle lights have several modes, including passing and driving beam. They are connected through the motorcycle aux switch and perfectly complete any other lighting on the motorcycle. If there are no lights on the bike, the headlights from third-party manufacturers can completely replace them due to their functionality and sufficient power.

If you are looking for something like Denali lights, I recommend taking a closer look at the headlights from RUN-D or ROUP, but other options can also be a good choice for your most stylish bike.

List of Top-Rated Motorcycle Driving Lights

PhotoProductPowerPower ColorDetails
Andrews 212620 GOODKSSOP 435423580430 W6000-7000 KView on Amazon
Andrews 212620 RUN-D YD-DL-3535 W6500 KView on Amazon
Andrews 212620 AAIWA D0302040 W6000 KView on Amazon
Andrews 212620 Round LED FGL201130 W and 6500 K6500 KView on Amazon
Andrews 212620 AAIWA Motorcycle LED Auxiliary Light3600 lumens6000 KView on Amazon
Andrews 212620 ATOPLITE 435036884740 W5500-6000 KView on Amazon
Andrews 212620 ZW Homeland Driving Lights (BADASS SHARKS)15 W6000-7000 KView on Amazon
Andrews 212620 Ourbest 40W-SL40 watts and 6000 K6000 KView on Amazon
Andrews 212620 PAKRYS LMLU5BKA2125 W6000-7000 KView on Amazon
Andrews 212620 ROUP YPH-10025 W6000-7000 KView on Amazon

Reviews of the Motorcycle Driving Lights

GOODKSSOP 4354235804

GOODKSSOP 4354235804

These headlights are made using the latest LED technology. They can illuminate the road in any weather at a distance of up to 200 m. The lamps have sufficient power and do not consume much energy. The housing is made of aluminum to protect the system from corrosion.

Power Light
Power Color
Lighting Modes
Long Life Time
Easy to connect
Button Switch
Projected distance
Save a lot of energy
Extremely bright
Wire connection
Light Power
12V-80V with wide Universal
2500 LM
6000-7000 K
Metal Aluminum Alloy
Upper beam, Low beam, Flash
100-200 m
U2 30W
LED Lighting Terminology


  • affordable price
  • consume little electricity
  • effectively illuminate the road in all weather conditions
  • guaranteed service life – more than 50,000 hours
  • IP68 protection


  • lighting range up to 200 m
  • aluminum housing
  • maximum power – 30 W
  • item weight – 7 ounces
  • manufacturer – GOODKSSOP

These great headlights are designed to fit any motorcycle. They are easy to install and do not require additional maintenance. Lamps are economical and effective at the same time. Using these headlights, you will increase your level of safety on the road.

GOODKSSOP 4354235804

How to install these lights on a motorcycle?

– The headlights can be mounted using a special clip supplied with the kit.


Amber Cube Led Driving LightsAmber LEDYD-DL-35-ACheck Price
10 Degrees SpotWhite LEDYD-DL-35Check Price

These headlights consist of 7 LEDs with a total power of 35 W. They are protected by a durable transparent polycarbonate lens. These are reliable headlights with a sturdy aluminum housing. They can resist mechanical stress, and also operate during rain. These lights turn on instantly and feature effective protection against overheating.


  • perfect for off-road use
  • high-quality polycarbonate lens
  • completely water-resistant, can be used in the rain
  • minimum service life – 50,000 hours
  • Reliable surge protection


  • lamp color – white LED
  • product weight – 3.15 pounds
  • power – 35 W
  • voltage – 12 volts
  • manufactured by RUN-D

These LED blocks are designed to fit motorcycles. In addition, they are suitable for large vehicles, boats and can even be used for household purposes. The lamps are useful both on the track and on the road.

How many built-in lighting switching modes are there?

– Headlights work in one signal rotary mode. Other modes are not available.

AAIWA D03020

AAIWA D03020

Headlights from AAIWA stand out with their high-quality aluminum housing that protects the LEDs and built-in lens from mechanical damage. The lenses have a light power of 40 watts. These are the best motorcycle fog lights on the market resistant to overheating and condensation. A powerful and bright light can illuminate the road at a great distance. The Angel Eye system emits a pleasant blue light to help in various weather conditions.


  • super-bright light with a high-quality transparent lens
  • water and dust protection
  • high resistance to condensation
  • resistant to vibrations and shock


  • type – fog headlights
  • main light – white, with blue navigation lights
  • diameter – 3 inches
  • maximum power – 40 W
  • company – AAIWA

These headlights are perfect for those who love traveling with no worries in any weather. These stylish and powerful headlights can resist dust, condensation, and intense vibrations when driving on the road. Thanks to a high-quality transparent lens, the lights emit a very bright white light that illuminates the entire road, as well as the off-road area. LED headlights are easy to install and use.

Are there additional mounts in the kit if the standard ones do not fit?

– The mounts must be purchased separately, the kit only includes headlights.

Round LED FGL2011

Round LED FGL2011
Harley Fog Passing LightBlack – w/HaloFGL2022Check Price
Harley Fog Passing LightChrome – w/HaloFGL2052Check Price

The offered headlights have a well-designed hot air exhaust system that provides quick cooling. They support 3 lighting modes: low beam, fog, and auxiliary high beam. The product has a long service life.


  • Designed specifically for Harley Davidson motorcycles.
  • IP66 protection
  • reliable aluminum case
  • strong lens, resistant to external influences
  • Does not bring discomfort to oncoming drivers


  • type – fog beam
  • ultimate power – 30 W
  • light temperature – 6500 K
  • size – 4.5 inches
  • approximate kit weight – 1 lb
  • manufacturer – ONLINE LED STORE

The lamps are easy to install and remove and can be used with standard mounts without additional parts. The headlights look very stylish, and a darkened lens will emphasize the aggressiveness of your motorcycle.

Round LED FGL2011

Does the darkened case affect the brightness level?

No, it does not. The headlight has a transparent lens and powerful LEDs that provide bright lighting.

AAIWA Motorcycle LED Auxiliary Light

AAIWA Motorcycle LED Auxiliary Light
AAIWA LED Auxiliary LightsMotor504Check Price
AAIWA LED Fog LightsD03020Check Price

The headlights are compatible with many Honda motorcycle models. The price of the product corresponds to its quality. The main advantage of such lamps is the ability to adjust the color of the lamps. Using an additional transparent yellow cover plate, you can get a warm light. Also, these lights have flexible mounts that allow you to rotate the LED in any direction. The manufacturer provides 3 lighting modes, which will improve visibility on the road in any weather.


  • protective transparent yellow screen
  • functional mounts that rotate 360 ​​° to the right and left, and 180 ° up and down.
  • 3 light modes: driving, passing and turning


  • lens with 4D technology
  • set weight – 3.98 pounds
  • light concentration – 3600 lumens
  • brand – AAIWA

LED lights have a very high-quality lens with a 4D effect to improve the luminous flux and illuminate the road wider. The lamps can be set in the right direction using the flexible mount. These lights are easy to install – you do not need to drill extra holes.

Can a headwind turn the lamp away? Are the mounts strong or not?

Thanks to the well-designed system of rotation, the airflow can’t move the lamp.

ATOPLITE 4350368847

ATOPLITE 4350368847
40W/Flood/BM340WAT-SL-BM3Check Price
Flood Beam x240W4350368847Check Price
Spot Beam x260WAT-GSAUX-LEDS*2Check Price

Universal headlights are ideal for installation on various models of BMW and HONDA motorcycles. You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product at its price. The headlights are made of high-quality aluminum. You can adjust the direction of light using the mounts. The guaranteed period of use is more than 30,000 hours.


  • IP67 protection
  • robust mounting system to adjust the headlight direction
  • high-quality aluminum case


  • maximum power – 40 W
  • number of LEDs – 8 pcs.
  • headlight diameter – 22 – 28 mm
  • White color
  • trading company – ATOPLITE

A classic round LED floodlight gives your motorcycle a discreet look. The headlights have protection from dust and water (IP67) to improve the quality of lighting and prolongs the period of use. The power consumption of the lamps is 40 W, and the color temperature is 5500K.

What is the radius of headlight rotation?

The headlight has 360-degree heading adjustment

ZW Homeland Driving Lights (BADASS SHARKS)

ZW Homeland Driving Lights

We would like to present to you the headlights from BADASS SHARKS. These are universal LED headlights that work as fog beam and also have a high beam mode. The housing consists of high-quality black material. Each lamp includes 4 LEDs with a maximum power of 15 watts.


  • illuminating distance – more than 100 meters
  • temperature of LED light – 6000K – 7000


  • number of LEDs – 4 pcs
  • color of the light – white
  • set weight – 7.2 ounces
  • product power – 15 W
  • production – BADASS SHARKS

These are high-quality and inexpensive headlights for additional lighting. They will become indispensable helpers on the road. They illuminate the road at a distance of 100 meters. The lamp housing is slightly oval. The maximum voltage consumption is 80 volts.

Is there a cable for connecting these headlights?

Yes. The manufacturer provides a 60-cm cable.

Ourbest 40W-SL

Ourbest 40W-SL

If you select these headlights for your motorcycle, your choice will be right! Such headlights are easy to install and do not require any extra effort. They have 3 lighting modes to increase your safety on the road. LEDs have high-quality protection against moisture, dust and are resistant to mechanical damage. The manufacturer guarantees a long period of use.


  • IP68 protection
  • 2 modes – driving/passing beam.
  • lighting up to 200 meters
  • a special switch is included


  • Approximate kit weight – 1.25 pounds
  • power consumption – 40 watts.
  • light temperature – 6000K
  • produced by Ourbest

This is a professional solution that provides enough lighting when driving any motorcycle. The headlights can be mounted with a clip of a diameter of 17 mm. With a simple and intuitive wiring diagram, you can quickly complete the installation yourself in your garage.

How many LEDs does each lamp have?

 – The lamp has 4 LEDs with a capacity of 10 watts each. The total power of the lights is 40 watts.


U5 Motorcycle Headlight Black 3 ModesLMLU5BKA2Check Price
U5 Motorcycle Headlight Silver 3 ModesLMLU5SRA2Check Price

The presented universal lights are designed for various motorcycles. They consume a little energy and can provide a good level of lightning. The total power of the headlights is 125 watts. They have three modes. The non-standard mode is the stroboscopic one, which should not be used if there are oncoming drivers on the road. The driver and passing modes allow you to see the road in the dark.


  • wide operating temperature range
  • lighting range – up to 200 meters
  • special transparent lens


  • total power 125 W
  • voltage 12 volts
  • kit weight about 1.5 lbs
  • created by PAKRYS

The warranty period for LED lamps is 30,000 hours. It is less than that of many other manufacturers, but the unusual shape and high-quality clearwater lights lens can compensate for the warranty period. The kit comes with two lights, a switch, and the necessary parts for installation.

How to change lighting modes?

– They change sequentially. To switch, you need to turn off the lamps and turn them on again. Each time you turn on, the lighting modes will be activated one by one.



The offered lights consist of a sufficiently large number of LEDs, which allows you to get uniform light. Despite the small total power of the LEDs in one lamp, the lamps create bright light for a safe ride and long-distance visibility in almost any traffic condition thanks to a high-quality glass lens.


  • enhanced protection against all external negative factors
  • visibility – up to 200 meters


  • glass lens
  • voltage – 12 volts
  • total power of one headlight – 25 W
  • wire length – 90 cm
  • 16 LEDs per lamp
  • weight – up to 2 pounds
  • manufacturer – ROUP

These lights are ideal for off-road motorcycles, jeeps, and even boats. They have a reliable and simple locking system and can be used even on the roads without any restrictions. Flashlights are small in size. They look very neat and give out a powerful light flux at the same time.

Is it possible to put these headlights on new motorcycles of 2019?

Of course, it is. They look very compact and give good lighting. They are easy to install and connect.


        To sum up, please note that many manufacturers make fairly strong lights that can be used as full-fledged headlights on any motorcycle. Such illuminators have a total power of about 40 W and several operating modes, including passing and driving beam. If you want to improve lighting on a motorcycle slightly, in this case, there are also plenty of options to choose from. Auxiliary headlights expand functionality and make lighting more intense. Some manufacturers offer small and less powerful flashlights as auxiliary ones, which also have several modes or signal lights feature. In some cases, you can find pod lights for motorcycles that work perfectly on a bike and other vehicles or in everyday life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best LED lights for motorcycles?

Best led headlights for motorcycles always have fairly good performance indicators. They must be at least 20 watts. In addition, the best flashlights always have a high level of protection against rain, dust, and overheating. Today, many headlights have reliable cooling systems that significantly extend the life of LED lamps. If you are looking for the best flashlights, also check a guaranteed lifetime. Usually, it is up to 50,000 thousand hours.
When choosing headlights, it is also important to pay attention to their design. Some systems can be quite large in size. Sometimes the headlights are small and not particularly noticeable. It’s rather difficult to point out any specific lights as the best ones. Take a look at the front lights from PAKRYS, AAIWA, and GOODKSSOP.

What is the brightest headlight for a motorcycle?

Most often, manufacturers offer fairly powerful lights. Their total power is within 40 watts. These can be lights from Ourbest or ATOPLITE. Their power may be enough to ensure a safe drive on a motorcycle in the dark. If this lighting intensity is not enough for you, you should take a closer look at the lamps from PAKRYS. Their lights have a power of 125 watts, and they are the most powerful motorcycle headlights.

What are passing lights on a motorcycle?

The passing beam lights are an integral part of any motorcycle. They are used in heavy traffic both on the highway and in the city. Their power is quite small, which allows them to provide visibility in front of the motorcycle and not to blind drivers of oncoming vehicles. If you only need passing beam headlights, you should pay attention to auxiliary lights from BADASS SHARKS. Their power is only 15 watts, but this is enough to provide visibility up to about 50 meters.

How do you put an auxiliary light in a motorcycle?

Auxiliary lights provide you with better and stronger illumination of the roadway. Several manufacturers present excellent additional equipment, like AAIWA and ONLINE LED STORE lamps. They have low power and can be used when driving around the city and on off-road vehicles.
Such lamps are usually installed using standard mounts with an approximate diameter of 17 mm. They are simply clamped on the steering wheel quite securely. There are almost no other mounting options for auxiliary lights. 4.5-inch ONLINE LED STORE headlamps are installed as the main ones in the Harley Davidson motorcycle headlight housing.



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