Ford Focus Cabin Air Filter

The car is not a self-contained ecosystem and air must somehow enter the passenger compartment. The carbon dioxide content of the car must remains at a safe level, in that way the windows do not mist up, so that the driver and passengers do not suffer from lack of oxygen.

Most cars have air conditioning systems, street air intake for ventilation and cabin heating systems that use cabin filters which are also known as pollen or AC. Filters do not cost much money, but they do have an important function. They trap allergens and other irritants that can cause breathing discomfort, and carbon filters also filter the air from foreign smells.

Depending on the operating conditions, the pollen filter change regulations can and should be revised. The more difficult the conditions in which the vehicle is used, the more often it is worth taking care of changing it. Driving in a dense stream of public transport, dusty country gravel roads will undoubtedly force you to change the AC element more often than long trips on asphalt roads and motorways.

Does Ford Focus have a cabin air filter?

Unfortunately, not all Ford models are equipped with a hvac filter. Sometimes the option of a pollen element depends on the trim level (SE). Of course, newer models have an interior air elment more often than older models. All 2000+ models have this option. If your car does have this element, it is located outside of car on the passenger side.

Does 2008 Ford Focus have a cabin air filter?

As it was mentioned above, all 2000+ Ford models have an AC installed by the manufacturer or it is possible to install one. The 2008 Ford Focus has a hvac element, though the factory may not send it with one installed. It is located outside the vehicle, i.e.under the passenger side cowl.

When the AC element is clogged with foreign particles over time, it reduces its performance. As a result, particles penetrate into the power unit and degrade its performance, as well as increase the rate of wear of parts. It is also difficult to pass through the air flow filter, which causes a violation of the proportions of fuel-air mixture. As a result, the power of the combustion engine drops noticeably, and it does not develop speed. Timely replacement of the Ford Focus air filter with engines allows to increase the efficiency of the engine and the power of the car as well as achieve significant fuel saving.

It is recommended to change the Ford Focus AC according to the instructions, annually or every 10000 – 12 000 miles of mileage. When driving the car in a highly polluted area, experts recommend reducing this period by 1.5-2 times.

Changing the Ford Focus hvac filter is easy if you have the right tool at hand. If you are doing this procedure for the first time and on your own, it is important to find the right replacement part.

Sometimes car owners try to restore the performance by blowing it with compressed air. But this method can only be effective if the contaminants have occurred due to the car’s short-term operation in severe conditions, and the part has not yet reached the endurance set by the manufacturer.

Where is the cabin air filter on a 2014 Ford Focus?

It is located on the left corner of the footwell . The filter housing cover has a screw on the bottom. When doing the replacement, you should remove the housing door. In order to do that you pinch the sides at the tabs and pull down to remove the securing tabs from their catch. Then remove the panel from the glove box assembly. After that you take out the old element from the housing and clean out any debris inside. The last step is to install your new AC into the housing with its airflow indicating arrow pointing towards the back of the car.

You can rotate the filter as needed but ultimately the hard sides need to be on the top and bottom with the pleats vertical.

Does a 2004 Ford Focus have a cabin air filter?

All 2000+ models either have an AC installed by the factory or have an option of installing it by the owner. If you want to replace it, open the hood and find the air cleaning component housing cover. Then you must unscrew the 4 bolts to remove the cover. Take the “7” key head and unscrew this bolt. You can try to do this with a regular wrench, but the head will be much more comfortable. Then you need to unscrew the two duct fixing bolts and pull the spigot back. This is done for more convenience so that the spigot does not interfere with removal of the old and installation of the new filter element. Immediately change the cleaning and ventilation component of the crankcase gases. It simply needs to be picked up with a screwdriver and pulled out by replacing it with a new one.

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