Harvest King Synthetic Oil Review

If engine oil is not changed regularly, accelerated wear and tear on moving engine parts is inevitable. This is not only because lubricants are triggered when the car is in use. Engine lubricants can age – just over time.

Of course, the service book provides the frequency of maintenance, but it also says that the timing of routine maintenance depends on operating conditions. That is at the use of the car with the raised loadings (towing of the trailer, regular movement with high speed, operation in severe climatic conditions) it is recommended to spend additional preventive procedures.

Moreover, no manufacturer of engine oil does not point to the product information about how many kilometers it should be changed. Because it understands: the timing of lubricant change in the engine depends on a large number of factors: fuel quality, operating conditions, driving style, frequency of car use, etc. That’s why you shouldn’t tie the oil change intervals strictly to mileage! It is necessary to change it depending on the number of motor-hours. But it is in theory. In practice, it is quite difficult to calculate the number of motor-hours, because one motor-hour is not equal to one hour of real-time. It depends on the speed of the crankshaft (the faster it rotates, the faster the hour will pass).

What exactly the number of crankshaft revolutions corresponds to one hour of real-time, it is necessary to check with the manufacturer. If the car is operated in the city, the number of motor-hours will increase, and if outside the city – it will decrease. If you do not want to do a detailed calculation of motorcycle hours, use a simpler algorithm: motor lubricant should be changed once a year regardless of mileage, even if the car was not used at all.

However, if this approach seems too wasteful to you, there are two ways to check if the grease is working itself.

  • The first is very simple: if the oil has become dark (you can’t see a dipstick through it), it is better to change it.
  • The second is a little more complicated. You need to warm the motor, then pull out the dipstick, drop a drop of lubricant on paper and wait about 15 minutes for the drop to absorb well and form a stain. If a dirty circle of uniform color is formed on the paper, this oil should be replaced. If the drop has melted on the paper, it is still suitable for use.

Is Harvest King oil any good?

Car manufacturers can have a wide variety of requirements for oils. European and American manufacturers often have their own oil tolerances and only allow their engines to be filled with products that have been approved and tested in independent or in-house laboratories. Japanese, Chinese and Korean car manufacturers do not have their own engine oil tolerances but require compliance with the international classification API or ILSAC.

Harvest King is a fully synthetic motor lubricant recommended for passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, and light trucks. For when an SAE 5W-30 motor oil, approved for API SN/GF-5 or GM dexos1 is required. It undoubtedly controls the sludge buildup prevalent in every direct injection engine. It’s such a great value you can change it every four or so thousand miles to keep your peace of mind in that your valve Train isn’t gummed up and ready to blow. Great product and value at an unbeatable price for a synthetic engine lubricant.

Who makes Harvest King full synthetic oil?

Warren Oil Company is the current supplier of Harvest King. Warren Oil is the largest independent blender and packager of lubricants to the automotive, agriculture, commercial and heavy-duty markets in North America. The company operates six manufacturing and packaging facilities, located in North Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. Warren Oil markets its lubricants, both conventional and synthetic, domestically and internationally to over forty countries, under the WARREN brand, the LUBRIGUARD brand, the LUBRIGOLD brand, and the ITASCA brand.

Who makes rural King synthetic oil?

The blender that makes Rural King synthetic is Warren Oil Company, also known as Warren Unilube. They’re not exactly a backyard blender as many people assume. They have six plants around the country, and they operate a former Pennzoil plant in PA.

Is Citgo synthetic oil good?

CITGO SUPERGARD Full Synthetic Motor Oils are well-balanced combinations of today’s highest quality synthetic base stocks and contain an advanced additive system that meets stringent automotive specifications. They are designed to provide excellent protection in today’s high-performance gasoline (including turbocharged and supercharged) engines in passenger cars, vans, sport utility vehicles, and light trucks.

These synthetic engine oils demonstrate improved performance in today’s advanced engine designs and are available in SAE 0W-20*, 5W-20*, 5W-30 and 10W-30 viscosity grades. It is recommended for passenger cars, sport utility vehicles and light trucks operating on gasoline. They are also recommended for use in gasoline engines which have been converted to operate on compressed natural gas (CNG), liquified natural gas (LNG), and liquified petroleum gas (LPG-which includes propane and butane). Consult the vehicle owner’s manual for proper engine lubricant selection.

Where is Harvest King oil made?

Warren Oil Company, Inc. provides wholesale distribution of petroleum and petroleum products. The company sells lubricants, grease, motor oils, and transmission fluids. Warren Oil Company serves customers worldwide. The company is headquartered in North Carolina.

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