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If a gearbox is to be disassembled and repaired, the integrity of the factory seals is in most cases impaired. It is not always possible to purchase a suitable gasket for manual or automatic unit, so it is necessary to seal the gearbox by other means. Most often, after partial or complete disassembly of the body, a special sealer for the automatic unit is used, which will help to complete the repair of the vehicle without extra costs.

It happens that the automatic tranny starts to leak oil from under the gaskets. Such malfunction is quite common among problems with automatic trannies, so car owners are advised to regularly inspect the car on a lift or in a pit. Sealers can be used against oil leaks that are already detected: they will successfully replace the gasket.

It is also necessary to disassemble and assemble the box if there are problems with the control unit, hydraulic block, torque converter. During any repair, the sealer is used for:

  • lack of gaskets at hand or financial difficulties with the purchase of the original;
  • presence of deformations on one of the connected surfaces, which can not be eliminated by the gasket;
  • the need to additionally seal the joint between the parts.

    It should be remembered that for the manual and automatic units you should use different in composition greases, which are introduced to different additives. Therefore, when buying sealer it is necessary to take into account the type of transmission, otherwise, its composition will be poorly combined with the components of the lubricant.

    What does Blue Devil transmission sealer do?

    • Guaranteed Permanent Seal
    • Restores Dried, Cracked, and Shrunken Rubber Seals
    • Works to Stop Leaks in Manual or Automatic Transmissions
    • Non-clogging and compatible with all transmission fluids.

      BlueDevil Transmission Sealer restores seals to their original condition while you drive and works with all types of transmission fluids. In general, the stop leak additives do two things: the soften the seals and cause them to swell. It actually will cause every seal and gasket in the transmission to do this, and at some point, it will stop the leak, temporarily. Permanently restores gaskets and seals transmission leaks fast.

      Do transmission sealers work?

      Having a leak in your tranny can be a dangerous thing.The gearbox is the second most complex unit of the car. But some experts consider it the most complex unit, especially if we are talking about a machine or a variator. Therefore, repairing gearboxes is also expensive.

      However, for example,

      if there are leaks in the glands of axle flanges or PTO shaft, it is not necessary to go straight to the repair. There is a temporary solution to the problem: a sealant for the gearbox.

      Oil flow through the glands of a gearbox is not always due to critical wear of the seal. In some cases, the problem is different.

      For example,

      drying out the rubber leads to hardening of the sealing lips adjacent to the shaft. The operating surface of the gland loses elasticity and no longer fits so tightly to the shaft. The presence of microcracks aggravates this process, as these cracks not only form micro leaks, but also increase the area of the gland surface, that is, accelerate drying.

      Sealers for automatic and manual gearboxes are similar. Distributed together with oil (or ATF-liquid) at the gearbox, the sealer drinks the glands with liquid substances that easily penetrate into the rubber. The seals swell, become elastic and adhere more tightly to the shafts. In some cases this completely stops the leakage, and for a long time (up to 3 years). However, the difference in interaction of sealants with oils and control elements of the boxes leads to the fact that the means for the ICPP can not be used in the ACPP.

      Sometimes similar formulations are additionally enriched with additives. They are called “sealer and tuning”.

      For example,

      Hi-Gear Trans Plus With ER automatic transmission sealant includes an Energy Release additive.

      How do you use a Blue Devil transmission sealer?

      Leaks from your automobile can be quite concerning and sometimes hard to identify. If you’ve ever noticed a thinner oil spot with a deep red appeared on, your tranny system most likely has a leak and needs to be addressed quickly. Blue Devil transmission sealer is added directly to your automatic transmission with no need to do a fluid change just. You can add Blue Devil transmission sealer and it will work as you drive to seal your leak during vehicle operation.

      Blue Devil tranny sealer will be absorbed into the worn-out seals and gaskets restoring them to their original size and sealing properties. Blue Devil tranny sealer is a permanent fix for seeping transmission reconditioned hard, shrunken seals guaranteed. Use one ounce of Blue Devil transmission sealer per core to a fluid capacity and after one to two days of normal driving you’ll see great results.

      What is the best Transmission Stop Leak?

      If your vehicle’s tranny suddenly starts shuddering, or the changes feel harsh and uncomfortable, it could be an indication that your transmission is faulty and needs your attention. More often than not, these issues can be due to the lack of proper unit fluid.

      Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of your hard-earned cash replacing your vehicle’s tranny. Instead, you can go for a much simpler and affordable option and shop for the best tranny additive.

      Today, there is a fairly large selection of sealers. They differ from each other in color, composition, curing method, operating temperature range, and some other performance characteristics.

      According to the basic classification, the following types are distinguished:
      • Silicone Sealants
      • Anaerobic
      • Synthetic
      • Ceramic

        They all initially have a liquid consistency and solidify under certain conditions. Among the best Stop Leaks are Prolong Super Lubricants PSL15000 Treatment, LUCAS Transmission Fix and Sea Foam Trans Tune Transmission Additive.

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