35 Tires on 16 Rims

Say, you want the wheels to look more impressive. To do that, the disc has to be larger in diameter. Or you’ve bought a car, and the design of wheel rims does not suit you. Maybe, you like some specific wheels, but their dimensions are not in the list recommended by the car manufacturer. You can change the wheels also for practical reasons.

It is possible to do the upgrades in many ways, these are the most popular:

  • Wider tire

When maintaining the standard wheel size, we increase the width of the tire profile while maintaining the percentage of height to width. However, you must check the permissible increase of width. The vehicle will be slightly softer on the move and wider tires will improve braking performance.

  • Change the rim diameter

The air between the rim and the tire will become noticeably greater. The outer diameter of the wheel is also increased. The result will be a fantastic smooth ride.

Will 35 inch tires fit on 16 inch rims?

The main effect of tuning is the mounting of tires with an increased profile width and diameter of fit. As for the final goal, it will not only give the car a sporty daring look, but it will also improve handling, braking and acceleration performance is an integral factor. Often, the installation is also subject to alloy wheels with a large diameter, which increases the aesthetic level of the car along with improving the cooling system of the brakes of the machine.

It is very important to ensure that the wheel does not cling to it when changing the parameters. To do this, the width, height and position of the one relative to the centre of the wheel arch, both at the top and the side, must be compatible. Offset or ET factors are responsible for this. If the outreach is too large, it is located inside the wheel arch, and if it is small, it protrudes out of the arch. In the first case, the problem can be corrected by so-called spacers between disc and hub. If the wheel is too extended, the car will have to be picked up (this is a last resort!) or the fenders will have to be loosened.

The main thing is not to overdo the tuning, so that your actions do not lead to a loss of safety because of the lost characteristics of the car.

33-inch tires are compatible with 15 or 16 inch rims, however 35-inch tires are compatible only with 17 + rims. You can use a tire size chart that will help you to choose the right width. You can find the sizes here. It is also possible to use a tire calculator that you can find on a number of websites.

What’s the biggest tire for a 16 rim?

This kind of an update will undoubtedly increase clearance. There is less chance of damaging it on a bad road. However, it will affect the balance due to the fact that the center of mass is now slightly higher. In practice, this means a slightly lower rearrangement speed limit. The wheels that protrude out of the arches also overload the hub bearings and make it difficult to drive the vehicle. As soon as the front wheel hits the unevenness of the road, the steering wheel literally rips out of the hand.

If you have a factory 16” wheel you can install no more than 255 width. You should always check the maximum width in a tire size chart.

What is a 35 tire equivalent to?

Here is the chart for 33″, 35″, 37″ or 40″ tires:


Can you put 35 inch tires on 18 inch rims?

Not every wide wheel can fit in an arch without changing the rim outlet. And changing the takeoff within a large range is fraught with danger. Moreover, the disk is required to be of the appropriate width (see the disk parameters). Such upgrades can lead to loss of warranty on the running gear, if the car is under warranty. In most cases, most of the permissible sizes are specified by the manufacturer in the operating instructions, and any other variants are considered by the dealer as extreme and harmful.

In addition, even if you do the changes within the manufacturer’s recommendations, there may be problems with certification. Therefore, if the machine is under warranty, it is better to obtain dealer approval before any tuning measures.

The most important thing is not to damage. If the upgrade is done properly it will improve controllability and give you some reduction in braking distance and better appearance. However, when done incorrectly it can cause a number of problems such as the growth of unsprung masses and load on the suspension, a sharp decline in comfort, reduced fuel efficiency, worse reeling, etc. This can be a result of the use of heavy cast wheels of dubious manufacturers, tires that do not fit the vehicle, the choice of too wide rubber, etc. As a result, a beautiful appearance can play a bad role. That is why it is very important to choose the right width.

It is possible to fit 35″ tires on your 18 inch rims with the help of wheel spacers or fender flares.

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