How to Remove Ignition Lock Cylinder Without Key

The first cars were started by a curved lever inserted in the front of the car, and directly rotating crankshaft.

Most models of locks are structurally divided into mechanical and electrical blocks.

  • The block with mechanics includes a lock larva. This cylindrical device hides a mechanical “secret”, consisting of cylinders and springs, located in a certain order. This ensures the need for a unique key for a specific lock.
  • The second unit is equipped with a group of electrical contacts. They are connected to each other by a specific algorithm, which depends on how far the key is turned. The integrated lock, in addition to the rotation of the module with contacts, helps to lock the wheel.

The design is made for both rotation and fixation in any of the positions. For this case the cylindrical leash is equipped with a through radial channel. It has spring-loaded balls on both sides. After turning at a certain angle, the balls enter the well, which allows the structure to be locked in this position.

The contact assembly, developed by the engineers, consists of two elements:

  • a static block with connecting contacts mounted on it
  • a rotating disk with built-in plates

The plates generate electricity as the driver rotates the key. Usually there are six or more contacts on the block with outputs on the back side. Most of the locks now in production are equipped with plate contacts with a single connector.

How to remove ignition lock cylinder without key on ford

  • First, you should disconnect the minus wire terminal from the battery. Unscrew the screws that bring together the covers of column. Two hoods are near the wheel and two more are near the dashboard.
  • Then unscrew the self-tapping screws that secure the lower and upper hoods of the column and take them out.
  • Now we can get to the ignition switch. Basically, you can get the cylinder out of there. You need to take out the side pin that holds it in the lock using a hammer and a screwdriver. By gently tapping the hammer on the screwdriver, you get the pin.

How to remove ignition lock cylinder without key on dodge

There are two bolts under column that you need to unscrew. You should take off the top and bottom hood. When the key is in position “1” there is a hole under the lock cylinder. You can put something thin and stiff in there. At the same time, we pull the key onto ourselves.

How to drill out ignition lock cylinder

Let’s start with the hardest part, i.e removing the lock’s protective cover. Remove carefully, because the metal from which it is made is quite resilient and poorly amenable.

Gently slide it around using a screwdriver. Then remove the lock washer and return spring and removing the cylinder.

First of all, disconnect the battery from the car and disconnect it. Then the cover of the column is removed. Once the hood has been removed, the ignition switch and its wired pad will be accessible. If the design allows replacement without removing and disassembling it, it is held in place by a special pin on the side. It is taken out with a thin screwdriver. If the pin cannot be removed, it can be drilled with a thin drill. After that, it will already be clear how to get it out for replacement. The new part is put in reverse order.

How to remove ignition lock cylinder when the key won’t turn

In vehicle operation practice, you can face a problem when the key does not turn in the switch. This is usually preceded by some time when the key is hard to turn after several attempts to find good positions in the lock.

It is possible to knock on the lock body with something metal. If attempts fail, check the key geometry, it may be damaged (bent in a purse or pocket). If the previous steps did not work, you can move on to more fundamental ones. If there is time and money, it is better not to perform these actions, but to wait for a tow truck.

In order to start the car, in most car models it is enough to get to the contact group of the ignition switch. For this purpose it is necessary to remove the plastic construction of the steering column protection. This requires a Phillips screwdriver or sprocket bits. The contact group is on the reverse side of the ignition switch. It is usually fastened to the latches or screwed together. You can find on the Internet how it is dismantled. If the contact group is removed, you can find a slot at the end of the contact group in which the pin from the ignition switch is inserted by inserting a flat-blade screwdriver into it and start the car.

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