Goo Gone vs Goof Off

It is always good to have a cleaning agent for taking off almost everything and that is suitable for most surfaces such as: ceramic tiles, marble, plastic and painted surfaces, all kinds of floor coverings (wood, laminate, linoleum, parquet, household appliances (refrigerator, microwave, etc.), sanitary equipment. It replaces several cleaners at once and effectively cleans a variety of surfaces: plastic panels in the interior of the car, rubber seals, fabric and velour coverings, as well as the car body.  Let’s have a closer look at one of the most popular choices.

Which is better Goof Off or Goo Gone?

These are soft, quick-drying cleaners for light soiling of electronic modules and equipment, precision mechanics and optical components. They are both great at removing dust, grease, fingerprints  and well compatible with most plastics, rubber or glass. They contain no aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

The products can be used in electrical engineering and other industrial applications where it is necessary to clean objects from dust, dirt and fatty contaminants without leaving traces and streaks on the surface. They degrease surfaces well, e.g. when plastics are glued or soldered, removes dirt from reflectors, precision mechanisms (bearings, springs, gears, etc.), electronic components, computer equipment, audio and video equipment.

Goo Gone effectively removes traces of chewing gums, ink, glue residues, insects, etc., from any waterproof surfaces, as well as fabrics, furniture and carpets. It is truly irreplaceable for use in the house, as well as in offices, administration and office premises. It leaves a protective film on the surfaces and gives the coatings shine. It has a pleasant and delicate scent of orange. The product is safe for health and the environment.

Goof Off is very helpful when dealing with tree sap. However, you may see some residue; this problem is solved by rewaxing. Whereas Goo Gone has a citrus base and does not leave any finish. So it is just fine for use on car paint.

Professional strength is goof-offs strongest formula as a number one selling professional-grade remover in the market.  It can cut through the most difficult spots and stains from a first try. It has a unique formula that works fast and great on almost all kinds of stains from stickers to makeup.

You can clean all surfaces such as concrete, brick, painted surfaces or countertops. You need to apply just a little and the stain will come off right away. If you pour the goof off directly on the spot and let it set for five to 10 seconds it will completely remove it.

What is Goo Gone good for?

Goo Gone can tackle a variety of messes including tape residue, paint, grease, and more. It’s the perfect complement to a DIY project. This professional grade cleaner quickly cut through messes on a wide array of surfaces including flooring, carpet, and clothing. When you’re working with sticky things and will only accept a perfect finished project then you need Goo Gone. It is designed for cleaning plastic, fabric, leather and metal surfaces in the car. You can also clean sanitary ware, ceramics, plastic windows and window sills, carpets, linoleum. Goo Gone is also great for professional cleaning of any surfaces.

Is Goo Gone safe for car paint?

The world-famous Goo Gone is a magic tool for quickly removing gum and other sticky substances (such as sticker marks or even superglue). And it’s better to always have it on hand. But for some, the composition is just almost inaccessible, as in our country, others smell the original branded product seems just brutal, third believe that Goo Gone leaves behind a very unpleasant film, which is not cleaned. This cleaner is based on oil and is said to be safe for using on any surface. Therefore, it is safe for your car’s paint.

Does Goof Off leave a residue?

They say it is the miracle remover, however it is not miracle of course, but it’s not far from being that. It works really well for taking off adhesives, lipstick and many other substances. There is a list of items on the back of the can that is quite impressive. It works better on some things and others but it will work on almost anything. It’ll even take off paint. It does contain some chemicals like xylene and acetone that is why you need ventilation. Also it is recommended to wear gloves and eye protection and also good ventilation.  However, it’s a little potent so you should test a spot in an inconspicuous place to make sure it’s not going to damage a delicate finish. There are instructions on the can that tells you what all you should and shouldn’t do.

This remover evaporates fast and does not leave a residue. If you can see some residue left, just clean the surface properly.

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