Engo Winch Reviews

What is a winch, and do you need one? Has this question run through your mind? If it has, here are answers to these and more. 

What is a winch?

A winch is a mechanical device used in pulling in, letting up, or adjusting the tension of a wire rope or plain rope. In most cases, it will have a drum attached to a hand crank. It could be more complicated than this, depending on its use and manufacturer. You need a winch when operating cars, elevators, and other such machines with complex assemblies. Winches work based on electric, hydraulic, internal combustion drives, and pneumatic drives. In this article, we will focus on Engo winches and what people have to say about these devices.

Engo Winches

Where are Engo winches made? How much do they cost? Are they any good? These are but some of the questions you may have regarding this brand. Well, Engo produces electric winches that are suitable for use on your SUV, truck, or jeep. This company has more than three decades of experience in making the winches, and consumers thus have an assurance of high quality. They feature gear trains, holding brakes, spooling clutches, and hand remotes. As such, they are easy to use and can handle tough jobs. The pulling capacity ranges from three thousand to twelve thousand pounds. Thus, when it comes to excellent performance, the build says it all. This company has an extensive line of winches from which you can choose.

How should you select a winch?

Whether you are getting a comeup winch or an Engo winch, you must be careful when making a selection. The following determinants can go a long way in helping you make the right decision.

  • The rated line pull

    What is this? The rated line pull refers to the maximum capacity that one line can handle without extra help from a pulley system or a snatch block. When using a winch, you should get one that can handle one and a half times the weight of your car. For example, if your vehicle weighs five thousand pounds, get a rated line pull of at least seven thousand five hundred pounds. It is a way to ensure that you do not damage your car while pulling it.

    • The Line Speed

      Here, you need to think about how fast the winch can power the cable when it engages with the gear. Without a load, an electric winch will be the fastest. However, as the load increases, the speed reduces. Think of how much speed you can handle and work with that.

      • Intermittent Use

        As you use the winch to pull loads, it heats up. The more weight that you carry then, the higher and faster the heat generated by the winch will be. As such, you must make the pull durations short. Alternatively, you can make stops to allow the motor to cool. When using an electric winch, this heating up is inevitable, and you must thus take measures regarding the same.

        • The Rope

          When using a winch, you have two rope options: wire and synthetic. In most cases, you will find people using wire rope as it has more resistance to wear and tear. Plus, it is less expensive, heavier, and can withstand heat better than its synthetic counterpart. For synthetic rope, you have the advantage of safety should the rope break during the process. It is also stronger than a wire rope of the same diameter and will not add much to the weight.

          • The Accessories

            Where will you use the rope? What are the conditions present? Answers to these questions will help you determine what accessories you need to make using the winch an easy task. For example, using a pulley will add to the pulling capacity of the winch. Where the rated line pull does not work in your favor, you can use this addition. It also helps to note what the manufacturer has included in the accessory kit. An excellent example of this would be gloves that would help provide you with protection from injury.

            Let us take a look at what people have to say about some of the Engo winches on the market.

            The Engo SR10 review

            This winch features an automatic holding brake, a three-stage planetary gear train, free spooling, stainless steel fasteners, and a hand remote. You can expect a balance between speed and power, thus giving you control over the process. It comes with a rated line pull of ten thousand pounds, a 5.6 HP motor and weighs 88 pounds. Its quality is excellent, and handling this durable winch is an easy task.

            Engo SR9s reviews

            This winch is quite similar to the SR10. It features a rugged hand remote, three-stage planetary gear train, free spooling, stainless steel fasteners, and an automatic load-holding brake. It has a rated line pull of nine thousand pounds with a 5.5 HP motor. It weighs 61 pounds, is available at an affordable price, and has a durable build. If you need an Engo winch 9000 review, this should help you make a decision.

            Engo XR10s review

            This winch comes with a synthetic rope that lowers the weight of the pull and provides a safe experience. It also has similar features to the SR10 in that it comes with an automatic load-holding brake, stainless steel fasteners, a three-stage planetary gear train, a rugged hand remote and free spooling. When it comes to striking a balance between power and speed, this is the way to go. Its rated line pull is ten thousand pounds, and it operates on a 5.6 HP motor. Its gear ratio is 265:1, and it has a net weight of sixty-seven pounds. It has a durable build and should serve you for many years to come.

            Why buy a winch?

            Why spend that extra cash on a winch when you can always get a strap to help you out of a fix? The answer lies in precision. With a winch, the motion is steady and slow and will thus extract your car with ease. The motion is controlled, and the chances of things going wrong are few. Of course, accidents can happen, say when you used a lower-rated line pull than you should. Otherwise, this process should be safe. Using a strap will not guarantee you control and safety. Instead, the chances of damaging your car are high. Also, you could end up hurting the people involved in the extraction process. 

            Do not compromise on safety. Buy a good winch, such as those listed above, and ensure that you get the right fit for your car. All the best of luck in this endeavor!

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