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Oil in a car engine plays the role of lubricant. It also cools the parts that rub against each other. If there is no lubrication, the engine may break down in a short time. In any engine, the movement of oil flows through the oil filter. Only then does the fluid flow to the parts. A purifier is needed to clean the oil. It can become contaminated as a result of the operation. An oil element is used to ensure that the parts are supplied with clean oil. It reduces contamination and allows the engine oil change to be delayed.

The main detail of the oil filter

is an element that is made of special paper. It is the one that retains all the dirt that can ruin your motor . It does not matter in what country the element was made because the principle of operation and design of these elements are the same.

The oil purifier by a principle of the work is very similar to the filter for water treating, only it has to work in more rigid conditions. This is why it requires frequent replacement. If it is not replaced, it will affect the motor.

The sign that an oil purifier has to be changed is low system pressure. This can lead to the following malfunctions:

  • Foreign bearing sounds if the throttle valve is suddenly opened at idling speed.
  • A sharp sound from the connecting rod bearings can be heard at idling speed.
  • The gas distribution mechanism started to work noisily.
  • The engine won’t start.

The consequences of untimely replacement can be estimated from the listed indications. They can be very sad. Under low pressure, no further use of the vehicle is allowed. Therefore, when choosing a new filter, you must be very careful; it is unlikely that you will be able to test the element and determine how suitable it is for the job. However, using a poor element can quickly destroy your car’s engine.

An oil filter can be changed on its own. As this procedure is required quite often, many motorists do not resort to specialists. If you do not want to waste your time or are not sure if you can do the replacement correctly, contact a workshop.

Are STP oil filters good?

While air filters can still be visually inspected, oil and fuel ones are a problem. Their main parts, which determine the quality and functionality of the product, are placed in an opaque housing and are not accessible for inspection. In fact, the customer has nothing else to do but evaluate the appearance.

Modern auto shops offer a huge selection of oil elements, the price, size, and type of which may vary significantly. Each car has a purifier with its own design features, so the criteria for its selection will also be unique.

As for the STP ones, the quality of construction is quite nice. They don’t possess silicone anti-drain back valves, but most elements don’t. The STP filter isn’t bad, especially for that reasonable price. You can buy better elements, but you pay much more for them and (depending on how long you keep your car) may never see the difference.

Who makes STP oil filter?

STP is made by the Champion Laboratories. They are one of the industry’s largest automotive filter suppliers for light-duty and heavy-duty trucks. They are also a forward-runner among manufacturers of original equipment filters and aftermarket brands such as Champ Filters, Luber-finer, and the fuel dispenser filter brand PetroClear. The company has one of the most encompassing Quality Assurance programs of any filter maker in the industry.

Is Purolator a good oil filter?

When you think of which brand has been standing the longest, Purolator is one of those brands without a doubt. From oil and fuel filters to auto air purifiers, they are catered towards keeping your vehicle in the most efficient state possible. Not as many air purifiers with this brand as there are with Mann-Filters and FRAM. However, the ones that are available are excellent choices if you ever decide to go with Purolator

Purolator is ideal for a variety of driving conditions, including brutal climates. It provides motor protection, primarily when used with manufactured high-mileage oils. It will increase motor performance to up to 99%.

Who makes the best oil filters?

Today every motorist knows that a good oil filter is a guarantee of engine performance. While your car is serviced by a dealer, there is no need to care about the choice – original consumables and spare parts will be if not the best, but the proven guarantee of trouble-free operation. However, in the future, it will be the owner’s responsibility to service your car.

On the shelves of the shops, you can find a wide range of various oil element. However, there are several most popular and reliable brands under which these oil system elements are produced.

In order to answer the question of what firm to put an oil element, it is necessary to understand that manufacturers are divided into two main categories. The first specializes specifically on certain brands of cars or their groups. For example, European, Asian, American cars. The other group of manufacturers (usually global companies) produce a wide range of filters for different cars, but their quality and cost are often unacceptable to the consumer.

Among the top-rated manufacturers are Motorcraft, Bosch, FRAM and K&N.

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